What Is The Machupo Virus: What Are The Symptoms? Is There Any Vaccine Available?

machupo virus

Machupo virus is one of the deadliest of viruses first discovered in the year 1959 in Bolivia and the surrounding regions like Paraguay, Uruguay. This virus is said to produce symptoms that are similar to hemorrhagic fever and yellow fever. Also known as the ‘’viral hemorrhagic fever’’, individuals contracting this virus need to isolate themselves for the sake of not spreading the infections. The symptoms can stay for days, maybe months, if the earliest treatment is not arranged for.

machupo virus 2021

Symptoms of machupo virus

The initial transmission is said to take place from rodents, most importantly rats. The rats carry this virus and can infect humans quite quickly. Also, mosquitoes can get infected with Machupo Virus as well. The infection rate of this virus is fast. But the cure takes a much longer time than expected.

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Generally, excreta of rodents or even dust particles of rodents and insects in the air can spread this virus. Once the virus enters the human body, certain symptoms start to develop. These are as follows:

  • Constant fever
  • Muscular pain and bad cramps
  • Headaches
  • Viral fever
  • Hemorrhage
  • Sudden shock
  • The decrease in body immunity
  • Hypotension

While these are some of the initial symptoms that are seen in humans, it is also possible to look up to other symptoms as well that are much more serious in nature. If the virus isn’t detected at the earliest stages, the symptoms will possibly look like the following:

  • Bleeding diathesis
  • Oedema
  • Chest pain
  • Swelling of the face
  • Petechiae
  • Myalgias
  • Vomiting and diarrhea

If you are witnessing or have witnessed more than one of these symptoms, immediate doctor consultation is advised. But what is the right method to treat the Machupo virus?

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Treatments available for Machupo Virus

As far as treatments are concerned, a person with machupo virus receives normal viral treatments with certain prescribed drugs. The oral medications are mostly strong, which reduces the symptoms of bleeding and headache and stabilizes the immune system.

For some individuals, the rarest of conditions can also take place. This includes organ failure if the virus is able to penetrate deep inside the human body and reach the organs. In such a situation, the person can suffer from conditions like sudden and long-term coma, delirium, seizures, and other associated issues.

Can Machupo virus cases be cured completely? Is a vaccine available?

The condition due to Machupo virus is quite critical, given that the symptoms seem to worsen day by day. For relief, all you must do is to hold on tight and get your medications right on time. For machupo virus to be cured completely, doctors and scientists are actively working to produce a vaccine.

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Although there is no Machupo virus vaccine produced till date, doctors have found an associated vaccine that cures the symptoms and reduces the side-effects to the minimum. This is done with the help of the ‘’Jinin Virus vaccine’’ that is the ultimate cure available for hemorrhagic fever.

The access to this vaccine: What are the connected recommendations?

The Jinin virus vaccine has considerably produced the best results to date while treating the deadly Machupo virus. Although the complete symptoms fail to disappear, the infection rate slowly and gradually falls down. Machupo virus can damage the vascular system of the body, create a numbing sensation and also make you feel physically weak.

Therefore, it is important to act fast before anything serious takes place. Therefore, this vaccine is an ideal treatment available for this case. However, research on finding the right Vaccine for Machupo Virus is still on the hunt.

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