The Importance of the Bogibeel Bridge

McMohan Line or the Indo-China border is one of the biggest bones of contention between these two countries forever. Tightening the security on this border matters a lot for India and here lays the importance of the newly built Bogibeel Bridge.  The 74 km long bridge was a dream project for India as it would enhance the North East Frontier Railways and connect the remote villages of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh with the rest parts of India successfully. This particular bridge built on Brahmaputra River is a two-decked bridge with the lower deck containing a two-tier railway track and the upper deck contains three-tier roadways.

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The strategic importance of this bridge!

The armies that are manning the border in the farthest corner of North East are going to get help through this bridge. The protection of this bridge is done by Indian army itself and for the obvious reasons. So this bridge is going to cut short the distance between other parts of the country and North East corners. So the food and arms supplies will be stronger, the protection of human lives will be strong as well. The bridge is built in such a way that a fighter jet can land on it when it is needed. So, during an emergency, the Indian Army can anytime take on this bridge and give a strong response to the enemies before they intrude the borders.

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The distance will be less now!                                                   

The bridge is going to reduce the travel time from the center – New Delhi to Dibrugarh by a huge 3 hours. All the important hospitals, colleges, and airport are available in Dibrugarh. So the people from Demi are going to get all sorts of facilities after this bridge is built and open for public use! The distance between Dibrugarh and Itanagar will lessen by a huge 705 km! If you are traveling in your car, then the distance will be cut short by 150 km! So this bridge is going to help in every way possible! Some rail tracks and roads that were meant to be built in Arunachal Pradesh are going to be done now! So the bridge is nothing but a huge boon for the people living in the farthest corners of North East India.

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