A Higher Percentage of Water Pollution in Ganga River

Ganga is the transboundary river flowing in India and Bangladesh. The river is about 2,525 Km in length and after entering in West Bengal it is divided into two rivers Hooghly and Padma. Hooghly river enters the Bay of Bengal after flowing through several districts of West Bengal and the Padma river empties itself to the Bay of Bengal after flowing through Bangladesh.

According to the latest studies of the Central pollution control board (CPCB),Ganga river is found to be cleaned at only one place out of 39 places. Further, it was described that 37 out of 41 places were polluted from moderately to severely during the pre-monsoon period this year. Haridwar was the only place where the river water was found to be clean at pre and post-monsoon.

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The mainstream of river Ganga is not severely polluted but are in moderate range.River Pandu and River Varuna which are the tributaries of river Ganga in Uttar Pradesh region are adding more pollution to the river Ganga.

Some qualitative analysis was done in 2017-18 by taking the samples from rivers at various points. These samples were divided into five classes clean, slight pollution, moderate pollution, heavy pollution and severely polluted. According to this analysis thirty-four areas have shown moderate pollution and three areas were recorded as severely polluted in the pre-monsoon period.

In one another study named Comparison of biological water quality of river Ganga, it was brought into notice that during post-monsoon period Ramganga and Garra river were in heavy pollution range this year.

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Places where Ganga river is highly polluted in the pre-monsoon period:

  • Jagjeetpur in Uttarakhand.
  • Kanpur
  • Varanasi
  • Allahabad

India treats the rivers as sacred and was used to feel proud of all these rivers earlier but now instead the countries who don’t consider rivers sacred have the most cleaned rivers in the world. So, at least effort must be made to make the water Clean to B level. Her B level refers to the quality that at least supports the aquatic life. This is not only the duty of the government to clean the water bodies it is our habitat and we should keep our surroundings and water bodies clean.

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