5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Development Company

Web development company

The website is kind of doorway to your brand. It is often said that first impression is the last impression. This is applicable to your website also. It is the first thing that a person will notice about your brand. On an average a user will spend one minute on browsing the website. So it is upto you what impression you will cast on them through your website. 

Role of website developer

It is utmost necessary that you come out with a phenomenal website that conveys the right message regarding the brand to your targeted audience. It is important to hire website development company which is professional and expert in doing this.  So it is the duty of a web developer to come out with such a website that stands out in crowd. There are numerous developers working all around the corners today. So it gets difficult to zero on one particular to get your work done. How do you ensure that the person hired is the best one to get the job done. 

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Listed below are a few questions that you can ask the developers before finalizing any one of them

Number of websites built by him

Experience is one thing that matters a lot. It is obvious that an experienced person will be able to work with perfection as compared to a newbie. The years of experience a developer holds will matter a lot. You want a masterpiece from him and not just an experimental run. website development company in Mohali is considered to be masters in this field. 

The platform on which site will be built

There are dozens of platform on which website can be built, to name a few wordpress, magento, wix and shopify. A web platform plays key role in the foundation of the website. Each of the platforms has its own pros and cons. So you should ask the developer which platform he will choose and reason for choosing a particular one.  

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Research done by the developer before starting

This question will help you in distinguishing an incompetent person from a professional one. There will be many who will just start the work without proper research. A professional website development company in Mohali will ensure that he does a proper home work before beginning the design. The research includes analyzing the market position and in what way to represent the brand. 

How to make SEO friendly website?

It is very important to build a SEO friendly website. Always remember that the research work regarding the keywords is not done after website developed. So don’t believe the developers who will say otherwise. Best SEO tactics are to be planned during the very foundation of website. 

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Area of Speciality

It is known that no one is perfect or expert at all things. People who try to be good at all things end up becoming mediocre. Try to dig out the areas of expertise of a developer prior hiring. Every web developer has his own area of expertise. Some can be good at e-commerce stores while others will be good at boutique niche. Hire a developer expert in your niche. These are a few things you can ask website development company Mohali to ensure that you get a masterpiece from them.

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