Top Cricketers With The Most Hat-tricks In ODI and Test Cricket

most hat-trick in test cricket

In India, cricket and cricketers have always been worshipped. People are just crazy when it comes to various kinds of cricket matches such as ODIs and test cricket.
Needless to say that the cricket fanatics were even more glad when IPL was launched. Based on IPLs, fantasy cricket leagues came into existence, which people really enjoy playing.

If you are indulging in fantasy games, you need to hone your skills and work on your cricket know-how. Once you start socializing with like-minded pro players, you will obviously gain knowledge of the game. Every day would be a new lesson for you and you would gain experience as you take part in more and more games.

Per Forbes, the rise of usage of fantasy cricket is increasing by the day. And we are not surprised! It has got so many benefits, such as enhancing memory power and boosting cognitive skills.

Now if you are taking part in fantasy leagues, make sure that you work on your skills and know-how. As they say, there is no end to learning. As you would read blogs, check news and highlights, and learn about cricketers, you would feel that there is so much room for learning.

You would also be able to socialize with fellow-cricket lovers and pro players who will share their knowledge and tips with you.

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In this blog, we are going to talk about cricketers who have performed really well; and have bagged hat-tricks in ODIs and test crickets. These players are phenomenal, iconic and their performances are remembered by cricket fans even today.

They have scored multiple hat-tricks in their cricketing career and are worshipped in the world of cricket.

Cricketers with Most Hat-tricks in ODIs

For increasing your knowledge of cricket-related updates and news, here is a list of cricketers with maximum hat-tricks in ODIs.

Lasith Malinga

This pacer from Sri Lanka is the only bowler to have marked his career with a hat-trick three times! In the 2007 World Cup, Malinga took his first hat trick which won him billions of praises.

He took four wickets in a row and fans were frenzy about him. After that, he took hat-tricks against Kenya and Australia in the year 2011.

Wasim Akram

Akram is a legend in the world of cricket! Apart from having a huge female fan following, the legendary Pakistani bowler has taken two hat-tricks in his tenure.
He managed to win against West Indies and Australia in 1989 and 1990, respectively.

Saqlain Mushtaq

The third mention is the much-deserving Mushtaq. A leg spinner from the land of Pakistan, Mushtaq holds the record for two hat-tricks in his tenure. He did it back in 1996 and 1999 against Zimbabwe.

He has a huge fan base as well!

Chetan Sharma

This Indian bowler took a hat-trick in ODI cricket. Chetan belongs from Haryana, India and he came into focus in India’s group stage match against New Zealand in the 1987 World Cup.

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He is known as the first Indian bowler to have bagged himself a hat-trick in an ODI. Chetan started getting recognized across the world as the first bowler across the globe to achieve it in a World Cup match.

He was awarded the Man of the Match as well.

Kapil Dev

Let’s talk about the legend Kapil Dev. The face of Indian cricket once upon a time, Kapil Dev was the second Indian bowler to take a hat-trick in ODI cricket.

The amazing swing bowler from Chandigarh achieved this success in the Asia Cup final which was played against Sri Lanka. We all remember that amazing match that took place in Eden Gardens in the year 1991.

Kuldeep Yadav

He is known for his amazing hat-tricks. Kuldeep first came to attention in the year 2017 in the 2nd ODI of Australia’s tour to India. He is the first Indian spinner to have achieved this success.

Kuldeep bagged the fifth hat-trick by an Indian bowler in ODI cricket.
He did it again in the 2nd ODI of the West Indies tour of India in the year 2019. The game was played in Vizag.

Other deserving names in this regard are Mohammed Shami, Trent Boult, Saqlain Mushtaq, and Chaminda Vaas. They were brilliant as well.

Cricketers with Most Hat-tricks in Tests

Now we would be talking about players who nailed it at test matches. Kindly scroll down.

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Hug Trumbley

We have to mention the name of Hug Trumbley who just wowed everyone with his performance in 1902. The match was against England. He again performed amazingly in 1904 and was one of the first bowlers ever to set such a record.

Jimmy Mathews

Mathews from Australia took a hat-trick against South Africa in 1912, twice. These are some historic records that are remembered by cricket fans to this date.

Stuart Broad

The English fast bowler Stuart Broad got his twin hat-tricks in the 2011 match played against India and the 2014 match against Sri Lanka.

Harbhajan Singh

Singh made history and created a record when he took a hat-trick against Australia in Kolkata.

He became the first bowler in India to take three wickets in as many deliveries in a Test.

Time to watch the match again, maybe?

Dominic Cork

The player took three wickets against West Indies in his third match for England! He was brilliant in the game and his career got a push post the match.

He became the first Englishman to get a test hat-trick since Peter Loader got a feat in 1957.

Other names that are mention-worthy in this category are Glenn McGrath and Wasim Akram.

So these are the players who created history and how. They are celebrated even to this day. All the knowledge would help you in some way or the other once you start playing fantasy cricket.

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