Why is Gamstop important for the Online Gambling Industry?

online gaming

Online Gaming: Introduction

Online gaming is a flourishing industry. New gambling sites are emerging now and then, allowing the players to enjoy the fun of gambling from the ease of their own houses. 

It is not a problem for most people if online gaming is nothing more than a little bit of fun after a tiring day or week. 

If you know when and where to stop, then there’s no harm in having fun. Bara gives you wide range to choose from, whether it is slots, sports, live casino, number games, lottery, gamecock, poker and baccarat.

But gambling can be an addiction too, which can adversely affect your financial and personal situations. Once you are addicted to it, there is no going back.

Gambling addiction is a severe problem in the UK. To control the consequences of gambling addiction, Gamstop has been introduced.

It is nothing but Britain’s most significant national self-exclusion scheme from online gambling sites. It is designed for those who can’t help themselves with their gambling addiction. 

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How Gamstop Works?

Gamstop allows you to limit your online gambling activities as it will ban you from signing on to online casino sites and apps. 

The best thing is that Gamstop is free, swift and easy to use. 

Follow these simple steps to be a part of Gamstop quickly

  • The first step is to log in to the Gamstop site. Once you log in, you will have to provide details like Pincode, email address, and birth date to confirm your identity.
  • Then follow the simple instructions on the site. Remember that the initial registration is always free. 
  • It only takes up a few minutes to register and become a member of Gamstop, but to activate your self-exclusion effectively, it might take up to 24 hours approximately.
  • After confirming your identity, you can choose the period of your exclusion. It can be anything between 6 months, a year or even five years. 
  • Gamstop keeps a record of all the registered members and casinos. When you try to log in to any of the registered gambling sites, you will automatically be blocked. 
  •  Moreover, it won’t allow you even to register yourself as a new player. 
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Once you have registered yourself on Gamstop, it becomes tough to cancel your self-exclusion before the ban’s minimum time. 

Even after your self-exclusion time gets over, it will remain active unless you contact Gamstop and ask them to remove you from the self-exclusion database. 

In fact, when you are struggling to control your temptation, you can contact their helpline to get advice and help to prevent yourself.

Drawbacks of Gamstop

However, you can’t sign up Gamstop on behalf of someone else. 

Moreover, Gamstop can’t stop you from getting advertisement and marketing materials from online gambling sites. For that purpose, you need to yourself unsubscribe from their mailing lists and unfollow them on all your social media. 

Other than these, there are a few other drawbacks as well.

While most of the Casinos are covered under this self-exclusion scheme, some are not on Gamstop. 

Gamstop cannot prevent you from playing on the Casinos not registered on Gamstop. 

These sites provide high bonuses and free spins compared to the registered ones.

Usually, these sites are less safe than the regulated casinos. They might also be licensed under the jurisdiction outside of United Kingdom. 

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To prevent people from cheating on their self-exclusion period, United Kingdom Gambling Commission has made it mandatory for casinos to register on Gamstop.

Most of the reputable online gambling sites of UK have voluntarily chosen to be a part of Gamstop. Yet, some casinos are not licensed by UKGC but offshore jurisdictions like Malta, Cyrus or Curacao. These casinos cannot be forced to join Gamstop as a part of their licensing system.

Thus, it allows the Gamstop members to cheat on their self-exclusion period. 

The UKGC is continuously trying to overcome this drawback for people to stick to their self-exclusion from gambling sites to quit their addictions. Live22 is another way to generate income Well now for online slots games


All in all, Gamstop is an excellent way to quit your gambling addiction. Though having some flaws, you can easily use it to avoid gambling sites during your self-exclusion period. However, Gamstop can only support you in quitting your addiction; your self-control plays the most crucial role.

Thank you for reading!

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