Sports Betting Trends To Keep An Eye On

Sports Betting

In sports, certain teams and players give out certain streaks. Some are constantly winning, others leave the field without points and goals during the long period. Often these streaks are very long and bettors can earn money from them. Such series are called trends. To track such patterns, gamblers can visit certain sites, such as, where users are provided with all the information about games and tournaments.

How to use trends

Any regularity in sports can be not only in the victory/ defeat/ draw. The radius of search and detection of trends is quite large, and their durability is often determined by the type of sport.

For a bettor, who analyzes a specific kind of sport, it won’t be difficult to track trends. He needs to work with a large amount of information to establish a pattern to know who will win today’s match. After detecting a trend, gamblers need to find out the chances of its extension. The match between teams with regular trend results needs to be analyzed. After all, the trend is often formed based on assessing the health of the players and perhaps the best may not be allowed to play. Or, one of the key performers will be disqualified. All this must be foreseen. When it is clear that the optimal line-up will play, a repetition of the expected result can take place. If on the contrary, it is better to ignore the match or make a combined bet so that the bettor doesn’t leave without a win. But as the experience of recent years of betting shows, it is very profitable to bet on such repetitive events.

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To find trends, players need to work with statistics. It is necessary to investigate general statistics of all championships of the current season, statistics of the games of the participating teams, statistics of personal confrontations. If it is a single type of sport, for example, tennis – statistics of the last performances, statistics of the game on the different covering are important.

Very often these trends are seen not only by players but also by bookmakers. Therefore, bettors can be more cunning and look for regularities in less popular directions: some second-rate championships, minor league tournaments. The advantage is that the odds on the bets according to the existing patterns can be higher.

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Sports with successful betting trends

Nowadays, there are some of the most popular directions for tracking: football, tennis, and esports.

In football, trends can come in two forms: team results and statistics. One club does not lose points at home, the other cannot win away. To detect trends in team statistics, gamblers need to study a lot of numbers. These are fouls, yellow cards, offsides. Sometimes bookmakers do not pay much attention to these moments, so bettors can find a gold mine for themselves.

Tracking a trend in football is about observing the performance of a particular team, but in tennis the performance of players is important. Unlike football, here the choice of athletes is limited by the rating. But it is possible to earn money on the trends of non-name athletes.

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Esports has certain nuances and peculiarities, but despite this, all existing strategies and betting tactics from other sports are applicable to it. In this situation, the highest rates are in the most famous games:

  • Dota 2;
  • Counter-Strike;
  • League of Legends.

Live bets are considered to be the most correct since they allow to make a bet after getting acquainted with the selected characters and other information.

It is also important to keep track of changes in each game: map updates, new rules, and so on. These insights will help the bettor to stay ahead of the bookmakers.

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