Top 7 Universities in Seoul 2024

Top 7 Universities in Seoul

1. Seoul National University

SNU is a really difficult place, which makes it quite fascinating. You’ll interact with a lot of incredibly intelligent people, take challenging classes, and do a lot of homework assignments that you have no idea where to start. The dorms are fantastic, there are many clubs to join, labs that are always open so you can just wander in and mess about, lots of stores nearby to buy anything, banks, free school buses, and lots of social services offered all over campus.

CampusesGwanak District and two additional campuses in Daehangno and Pyeongchang Country
Location Gwanak-gu, Seoul, South Korea
QS World University Rankings 202329

2. Korea University

Korea University is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutes of higher learning in the country which was founded in 1905 by Lee Yong-Ik, Treasurer of the Royal Household. It is a private institution. Despite being one of the elite institutions, Korea University has one of the greatest admittance rates for international students.

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Founded5 May 1905
Former namesBosung College, Bosung Professional College
Location Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea
QS World University Rankings 202374

3. Yonsei University

Yonsei University has a huge and stunning campus. The infrastructure at the university is excellent. The Samsung Library is the most opulent on-campus library, and the majority of the buildings are either brand-new or well-maintained. The campus has certain areas that appear to be highly modern, yet others, like Underwood Hall, are very traditional and Western.

Location Seodaemun-gu, Seoul (Sinchon Campus), Songdo, Incheon (International Campus), South Korea
QS World University Rankings 202373

4. Sungkyunkwan University

I believe that SKKU has been performing well over the past few years in terms of its global reputation, or university rankings. This private institution, which is owned by Samsung Group, has been receiving tremendous support for the past 20 years and possesses the best research skills in the world in some areas, such as carbon nanotubes. Even some of the more esteemed colleges in the nation have been surpassed by SKKU in recent years.

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CampusesHumanities and Social Sciences Campus, Natural Sciences Campus 
Location Seoul (Humanities and Social Sciences Campus), Suwon (Natural Sciences Campus), South Korea
QS World University Rankings 202399

5. Hanyang University

Hanyang University will give plenty of opportunities to its students. They provide their students numerous opportunities, including international exchanges, societies, camps, and social events. They also provide first-rate facilities and a large number of world-class faculty. Both domestically and internationally, the Institute enjoys a growing reputation.

Location Seoul, South Korea
QS World University Rankings 2023157

6. Sejong University

Sejong University is a top-notch institution that will give you a lot to learn. Sejong is one of the top universities for hospitality and tourism in the world. Many excellent professors and lecturers at the university are well-known for their work in the fields of hospitality and tourism research. It is one of Korea’s top colleges and may provide you with a pleasant study abroad experience.

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CollegesCollege of Liberal Arts, College of Social Sciences, College of Business Administration, College of Hospitality and Tourism Management, College of Natural Sciences, College of Life Sciences, College of Electronics and Information Engineering, College of Engineering, and College of Arts and Physical Education
Location Seoul, South Korea
QS World University Rankings 2023551-560

7. Kyung Hee University- Seoul Campus

Kyung Hee University- Seoul Campus is a private university which was founded in 1949. It is particularly well-known for its humanities programmes, tourist studies, dance studies, Taekwondo studies, and medical and dentistry schools and hospitals. It has three campuses- one in Seoul and second is in Suwon and the third is in Gwangneung. The college also offers study abroad programs. 

Former namesSin Heung Junior CollegeSin Heung College
Location Seoul and Suwon, South Korea
QS World University Rankings 2023270
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