South African First Lady Grace Mugabe Being Sought by Police

Grace Mugabe DP

An arrest warrant has been issued for Ex-Zimbabwe first lady Mrs Grace Mugabe by the South African Prosecutors. The arrest warrant has been issued for assaulting a model and also for beating her in a hotel room of Johannesburg in 2017. But South Africa government allows her to leave the country after been alleged for that assault and South African government also has been criticized for that decision. Gabriella Engels accused Mrs.Mugabe of beating her with an electric cord and the plugin a hotel in Johannesburg. But Mrs.Mugabe also defended herself by saying that on that time the model attacked in her room where she stayed with her two sons and she acted in self-defence. Police spokesman Vishnu Naidoo attended a press meet on Wednesday and there he confirmed that an arrest warrant has been issued against Mrs.Grace Mugabe. He also confirmed that police is also seeking for the help of Interpol in this case. But no clue found that why the warrant is been delayed. Both Mrs.Mugabe and Zimbabwean authorities have not responded yet on that case. AfriForum, the lobby group is pursuing the case and they have welcomed the arrest warrant. AfriForum CEO Kallie Kriel stated that it is been delayed but justice is taking place and they will continue the case until the end.

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Grace Mugabe

The alleged assault happened in a hotel of Sandton in August 2017, where Mrs Mugabe Found Ms. eagles with her two sons Robert and Chatunga. Zimbabwean authority stated that Mrs Mugabe was there in South Africa at that time for treatment of her ankle injury.

Ms.Eagles stated that on that day Mrs. Mugabe entered the room with an extension cord in her hand and started beating her with it. The South African police started an investigation on that time with an immediate response but the foreign minister of South Africa allowed Mrs Mugabe to leave the country on the basis of her diplomatic immunity.

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It is unclear that why the South African government is supporting Mrs.Mugabe. But police confirmed that they will take help of Interpol and will also try to arrest her as early as possible.

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