Hamid Ansari’s Return after Being Released from Pakistan

Hamid DP

Hamid Ansari, a 33 year old Mumbai resident went missing from 2012. The man was arrested by Pakistan’s intelligence agencies and local police from Kohat, Pakistan, after his try to “meet a girl” who is according to Hamid, is residing in Afghanistan. Hamid’s justification was that he was trying to cross Pakistan borders from India to meet a girl he got in touch via online Social Media. After being caught by the country’s intelligence agencies, Hamid was sentenced to three-year imprisonment for possessing a fake Pakistan Identity Card with him by the Pakistan military court.

Hamid was sentenced to jail by the military court of Pakistan on 15th December 2015. After the completion of his imposed three-year jail sentence, Hamid was freed on 15th December 2018 from the jail of Mardan, Pakistan. He was shifted to Islamabad from there beforehand his journey back to India. Though Hamid wasn’t able to return back to India within the expected time period as his legal release documents wasn’t ready on time. By Thursday, the Peshawar high court allowed a deadline period of a month to complete the work of Hamid’s legal documents and his repatriation process.

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Ansari had filed an appeal with the help of his lawyer Quazi Muhammed Anwar, and was heard by the two benched Peshawar court on Thursday. According to Ansari’s appeal, he wasn’t aware of his release as neither the ministry of interior and the authorities of prison informed him about the same in prior. After hearing this allegation of Ansari, the additional attorney general was questioned of the same and what to do with their prisoner who already completed the jail sentence. An officer from the ministry of interior made it clear that a prisoner could be kept for a month more till his legal documents got ready. After studying all the legal possibilities, the court informed the ministry to complete all the legal procedures of Hamid’s release and deportation in a month. Hamid returned home via the Waga-Attari border on Tuesday, after his six year beholden life in Pakistan.

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