Skincare Tips: The One Diet Tip That Bollywood Divas Swear By For Gorgeous Skin


Every girl dreams about that beautiful flawless skin, but when it comes to taking care, most people are too busy or too lazy to do this. Having a good quality skin would require you to do all the skin regimes starting from cleaning, moisturizing, toning etc. But doing so, would not only require a lot of time but also would require a good amount of investment while choosing the correct type of products that would meet your skin requirements. Also, the chemicals involved in all those products, on extensive usage can prove to be harmful to the health of the skin.

The Bollywood secret

Looking at the Bollywood Divas, we wonder how they could look so flawless every time. They are exposed to the cameras most of the time and hence are expected to look the perfect even if they are in their pajamas. One thing which helps them to look so beautiful is their really flawless skin. If you wish to have the same skin quality then only using high-end products would be of no help to you. Erratic hours of sleep, too much pollution in the air along with having unhealthy eating habits also adds up to all the problems related to skin. Now we know, that Bollywood Divas too faces the same kind problems, moreover they are also exposed to heavy lights all the time and in spite of that, they manage to look so youthful, bright and flawless all the time. So here is the secret. Along with using all types of skin care products, they give special attention to their diet. Yes, having healthy eating habits and drinking lots of water can prove really helpful for your skin and make it glow.

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The No Make look

The new age Bollywood beauties have admitted that wearing make-up every time to look the best is not a feasible option. Hence instead of spending hours in their make-up room, they have started to focus on things that can make them internally beautiful. The first thing is, they have a lot of water every day. It is not only beneficial for the skin as it helps in flushing out all the toxins from the body, but it also keeps the body hydrated. Also if you wish to lose weight, having enough water can be really helpful for you. Bollywood stars like Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan have revealed that having lots of water helps their body to stay cool and has really improved the quality of their skin.

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Tips from the stars

Alia Bhatt has recently revealed on Instagram that she gets her confidence to go with her no make-up look every time in front of the Paparazzi because of her beautiful and glowing skin that comes from drinking adequate water and doing exercises.

Being counted among the most beautiful women of the world, the gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has revealed to Vogue that the secret to her beautiful skin lies only in drinking lots of water and moisturizing the skin every night. She says that she does not believe in using lots of chemical beauty products, but keeping her skin moisturized on a daily basis is a must for her.

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Talking to the Padmavat actress Deepika Padukone, she has said that her secret to the gorgeous skin firstly lies in her good genes. She also makes sure to take good care of it by keeping it hydrated all the time by drinking water. Along with that, she believes in eating healthy. She has a lot of veggies and fruits every day and makes sure that she does not have junk food.

Hence, we can see that even though different divas have different takes on the type of beauty regime that they follow to keep their skin healthy, one thing that is common for all of them is drinking an adequate amount of water. This is really good for your skin and the best thing about this is that you would not have to do any investment or you would not have to spend a lot of time behind the regime. Just grab a bottle of water and remember to drink it.

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