Siddaramaiah Loses it! Manhandles Woman for Questioning his Performance

Siddaramaiah Loses it! Manhandles Woman for Questioning his Performance

Mr. Siddaramaiah a senior Congress leader and former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah lost his cool while connecting with a lady on Monday, 28th January 2019. A video of the occurrence has turned into a web sensation. In it, Siddaramaiah is seen grabbing a mic from the lady which results in her dupatta tumbling down.

The Congress chief was incensed with something that the lady had said and did not by any means appear to acknowledge what simply occurred. Siddaramaiah then requested that she quiets down and take a seat. The event happened in Mysuru.

The lady being referred to was grumbling about workers of the income office. For this, Siddaramaiah slammed the table and inquired as to whether the nearby MLA isn’t reachable. Rankled over his reaction, the lady likewise slammed the table and said the MLA isn’t reachable. The nearby MLA is none other than Siddaramaiah’s child Yatendra.

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The news of Siddaramaiah acting up with the lady comes only two hours after Siddaramaiah lectured Union clergyman Ananth Kumar Hegde about open fairness.

In a tweet, Siddaramaiah said: “Ananth Kumar Hegde is not fit to be an MP. He should apologize and resign immediately for his insensitive comments towards @dineshgrao and also for his provocative statements aimed at creating social conflicts.”

Siddaramaiah Loses it! Manhandles Woman for Questioning his Performance mid

The BJP rushed to take up the issue. In a tweet, the gathering called Mr Siddaramaiah “Dushasana” – the character in Mahabharata who endeavored to strip the Pandavas’ significant other, Draupadi, at the illustrious court. The gathering likewise said Congress boss Rahul Gandhi, rather than asking Ananth Kumar Hegde to leave following his comments on Dinesh Gundu Rao and his better half, ought to ask Mr Siddaramaiah to venture down.

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Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said, “This is a crime, the way he abused her. That’s how they see women, they haven’t changed since the tandoor case. They only respect women from one family.”

Mr Siddaramaiah called said it was an “accident” and he was only trying to stop the worker from taking up more time.  “I know that woman for more than 15 years now and she is like my sister,” he said.

The woman, Jamala, said she had “no issues”.”He was the best Chief Minister. I only told him about some grievances and spoke roughly. I shouldn’t have spoken like that to a former a CM. He got angry because I slammed the table,” she said.

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