How Gibiru Has Become Crucial In Term Of Protecting Your Privacy Online?

Gibiru for chrome

Do you know even search engine giant Google tracks your online movement through your keywords search, browsing history, visiting website, etc.?Since most search engines use your search history to profile you, Gibiru is the ideal choice. Gibiru uses his own algorithm to generate uncensored results in our Uncensored News section. The algorithm is not filtered or censored. Gibiru now offers 128-bit encrypted HTTPS searching to avoid third party involvements to offer you more safe browsing.This is why 128-bit https encryption offers the users of Gibiru to search the web anonymously and under the same level of encryption as most stores and banks privacy.

What is Gibiru and why to use it?

A search engine is an Internet page that allows you to search the web. Its use is very simple, just enter one or more keywords in a box and the search engine will generate a list of web pages that are supposed to be related to the requested topic. Gibiru is a web search engine that adds censored content. In case you do not know, most of the content you can find on the Internet is shown to you after removing the censored content. Gibiru will show you all the results of your search, even those that have been censored for regular users. An advantage is that the user’s privacy is protected by its search engine that includes an anonymous proxy. This search engine is responsible for tracking the primary stream of information for the search query, presenting the results without censorship. It has an extension for chrome which helps you with the search for uncensored content. Regarding the freedom of access to information, Gibiru is the best alternative to Google, as it provides total privacy and offers uncensored content.

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Gibiru characteristics

Gibiru can get your attention, as it is the search engine that respects the privacy of its users and does not save any information from searches performed. Just for respecting privacy and many people have it as the default search engine. The results it offers are a combination of Bing and Google but without registering the searches that people perform. If you do not want your privacy exposed on the Internet this is your best option.

Gibiru is a search engine that you could have at least in your browser’s bookmark. Since this search engine stands out from others for a simple reason, it shows the censored content that other search engines do not display. With Gibiru you will find search results that have even been censored for regular users, also using this search engine your privacy will be protected.For maximum privacy, Gibiru recommends Firefox configured in private browsing mode with the Anonym ox plug-in installed to better protect your privacy and freedom on the Internet. Gibiru does not collect personal information about its users.

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Don’t want to use Google? Gibiru is the ideal alternative to offer uncensored contents and privacy. Your interface when searching for videos is one of the best in this list”. To give more privacy, the search engine has anonymous plugins. You will watch the pages which are either banned or censored in other search engines. It has simple commands which will help you to search anything in no time. It is also a complete ads free search engine which needs no extra plugins. Also, you can now customize your search engine completely.

Why should you install Gibiru for chrome?

When talking about Internet search engines, the first thing that comes to mind is Google. The most famous search engine of all time, with it more than 60% of most Internet searches are performed. But there are other search engines that can offer you more results. Even a different way to navigate that perhaps will mold more to your tastes. Gibiru offers different levels of privacy depending on the browser you use. It is important to know that your browser also stores information on your computer that could be used by the government or the police at any time. Gibiru has its own robots that track less conventional websites, sites that tend to promote “alternative” views from the mainstream.However, due to some code necessary for the integration of the search results API and bandwidth / site performance, it can monitor server logs from time to time.

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