Cristiano Ronaldo’s New Hairstyle

ronaldo haristyle

To say that football players are public people is to say nothing. Football stars not only attend social events, but also get tattoos, change hairstyles and attract attention in other different ways. In this article we will talk about, perhaps, the most public person in the football world – Cristiano Ronaldo, namely, about his hairstyle.

Cristiano Ronaldo devotes a lot of time to his hair and appearance in general. He is often called glamorous, and sometimes criticized for excessive love for his image. However, he ignores the negative reviews and continues to look good and do his favorite job. By the way, if you want more free football predictions, we recommend subscribing to the specified site using the link.

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Take a look at a photo of Cristiano Ronaldo’s hairstyle in 2017. Naturally, handsome Portuguese has a lot of fans who follow his every step. No wonder, each new Ronaldo’s hairstyle immediately provokes lively discussion on forums and social networks. At the 2014 World Cup, the Portuguese winger was unable to demonstrate his skills at full strength due to injury and fatigue from a difficult season. Nevertheless, Ronaldo pleased the fans and especially the girls with his great athletic feat.

Later the star winger of the Portuguese national team came out for the match against the USA with a new hairstyle with a shaved zigzag on the right side of his head. As it turned out later, such an unusual sign on the right temple meant the scar of a little Spanish boy who underwent brain surgery. If you are fond of sports betting, we recommend that you go to the rating of sports betting sites in India and choose a reliable bookmaker.

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Ronaldo thus supported a 10-month-old child who will have such a scar for life. In addition, the Portuguese fully paid for this surgery. Let’s admit that this fact deserves attention and respect. This is indeed a noble act of a great football player. This is not the only time CriRon has adorned his head with such patterns. In 2012, he entered the match against Barcelona with the symbol “V” on the left side on his head, which meant “Victory”. Well, either way, the hairstyle of Cristiano Ronaldo will always be the subject of discussion and imitation for his fans, because he is the best football player in the world and an icon of modern football.

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