PUBG And Fortnite: Who Is Ruling The Gaming Industry?

Fortnite is an online game developed by Epic Games in 2017. This game already had 200 million players worldwide, since its inception that is a year ago.

Player Unknown’s Battleground, or more popularly known as PUBG was released in the same year as that of Fortnite, that is 2017, an online multiplayer battle royale game developed by PUBG Corporation. The 7th Season of the Fortnite is underway, while PUBG has just entered its 4th Season.

According to the statistics provided by The Verge, an American news and media network, PUBG has as many players as Fortnite that is over 200 million users worldwide. According to the rankings, as provided by Google Play, PUBG has been declared as the Best Game of the Year, according to its rankings.

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Bloomberg had earlier reported that PUBG had crossed 200 million user mark on 26th November 2018. It is sure that until then the data has increased for good. Another report stated the dominance of PUBG Mobile over Asia and China. 30% of the revenue is collected from the US alone. The companies have yet not declared the exact number of users, yet reports suggest PUBG has more players than Fortnite now. In addition to these statistics, the number of gamers that have bought the title for Consoles and PC is around 50 million. This proves the above statement more that PUBG in now more popular among gamers.

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The reason behind such a growth of users of PUBG could be that it runs on Android as well. However, Android does not support Fortnite. Since the population is excessive in Asia and China, with maximum android users, hence, the statistics have increased owing to this fact. Also, in these countries, gamers prefer “realistic” graphics, and most significantly Fortnite has not been able to capture the attention of the players in these countries. The combined Asian crowd, as well as its western crowds of Europe, North America, and South America, has made PUBG quite a hit in the world of gaming. PUBG surely deserves a “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” for itself.

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