Gatwick Airports Incident: Drone Caused Lot of Problems


Within an interval of 12 hour duration, two drones were spotted in the area of Gatwick airport, UK. Many passengers had their flight from the airport, which they cancelled their flight after this incident. Official investigators investigated the reason behind the drone flying. Drone caused satellite disruption and many other risks for the air. Usually drone is used for catching the image of top down view. So that the device is called sophisticated flying robots. Nowadays drone are frequently used as fun gadget for hobbyists. It is a small unmanned aerial vehicle and controlled by remote control. Many construction companies use drones for their work purposes. A done has the ability to damage an aircraft. Recent reports showed that a drone coincide with a commercial aircraft in Canada. That drone could cause damage the plane’s wings. Minor damage occurred and the plane was able to land safely. Some institutes reveal their result about the damage of the aircraft by this device. An aviation authority proposed that a drone is able to cause more damage than the bird collision. Drone collision instigates to lodge in airframes and poses a potential risk of fire.

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Drone image

After this incident, the sussex police had taken preventive measures. The drones were shot down by the police. The army has been appointed to assist the police. Gatwick’s chief operating officer Chris Woodroofe said the airport expected to remain closed on Friday. Many passengers had flown out because of this incident. The runway of Gatwick airport closed on Wednesday. He also said that the situation remained fluid after one hour of the incident. Police had investigated and made 50 reports about the device since Wednesday evening. The chief said that all the passengers would check their airline before arriving the airport on Friday. Numerous strategies failed to down the drone. Afterwards the chief ordered the shooting plan to the police to down the drone. The police and the airport authority followed the line of inquiry, including particular groups and a number of persons of interest. They gave a huge amount effort to bring down the drones and made situation normal.

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