Peculiarities of Basketball Betting

basketball betting

Betting on any sport requires a serious analysis of matches. In order to build the right parsing of the game, you will need to study the following characteristics:

  • H2H meetings.
  • The current form.
  • Standings.
  • Number of possessions, pace of play.

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It is better to monitor the style of play by watching games. If this is not possible, you can evaluate it based on the number of three-pointers and two-pointers made and the number of possessions per game. The more possessions, the less time the team spends on offense and the faster its play. These stats will give you an idea of what kind of total to aim for when placing a bet.

You can also pay attention to the defensive and offensive rating of the teams. It will change during the season, and will be almost useless at the start. It is advisable to use it for analysis after 10-12 games.

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Pros and cons of betting on basketball

The advantages of betting on basketball can include the following nuances:

  • Regularity of matches. regular season games are played almost every day in the United States. In Europe, matches are also held every day, but not within the same tournament — for example, one day is the VTB League, the next two in the Euroleague, etc.
  • Low Margin on hot matches. Mostly in the NBA, but also in European basketball.
  • Lot of similar odds and big list of events. Players have a great choice, an opportunity to hedge or take a risk.

Cons of basketball betting:

  • Sure-fire favorites can lose to the udnerdogs in any given day

Hands-on tips for new bettors

The first thing every player should do is work precisely on his strategy. This includes choosing a betting strategy and the model by which the finances will be allocated. Many bettors try to bet without special tactics, based only on personal analysis. Such a line of play is also true — some bettors just need to manage their finances competently to be in the black. After all, strategies are more often used to stabilize profits, but first you need a base to come out in the plus — for this you need to learn to understand the bells and whistles of basketball. Therefore, every bettor needs to follow a few simple rules:

  • Try to play one tournament at a time. This way you won’t be distracted by other competitions and can get a good understanding of one championship in a short time.
  • Watch the games and listen to the analysis more often. This will help you better understand the game.
  • Keep an eye on the line and the movements of the odds. Changes in the quotes before the start of the game often determine the vector of the match.
  • Manage your money properly and analyze. The importance of these components of the game are all described above.
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You can ean a pretty penny by following the above rules. Fair enough, no betting strategy will give the player a feeling of complete safety — the risk will always be present. But if a player follows all the processes during the game and keeps the situation under control, follows the written rules — the risk is minimized, and the chances of final success are significantly increased. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to these features.


What is the best time to bet in basketball?

In the pre-match schedule for basketball games there is a wider range of events, so players often choose the main line mode for betting. But in live mode, there is an opportunity to see the game trends and the manner of action of the teams. Depending on the betting criteria of the players themselves, you can choose any suitable mode.

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How to bet on basketball in live mode?

To bet on basketball in live, simply log on to the bookmaker’s website and select “Live” mode. Then, it is necessary to choose a suitable game and open its listings, then select the event and make a bet.

How to bet on the basketball total?

To bet on the total in basketball, open the desired championship on the bookmaker’s website, select the game and click on it to open the additional spread. Next, find the “Total” section and select the desired event to bet on to make a forecast coupon.

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