Belgium Picks up their Maiden Hockey World Cup!

World Cup

Belgium, who was looking for a maiden title in Bhubaneshwar, danced on the striking beat as they incredibly won with 3-2 (0-0) scoreline in the shootout, has beaten the Netherlands in the finals of the Hockey World Cup 2018. For the first time ever at a Hockey World Cup’s medal match, a team finished without any goal in any four quarters.

The Netherlands took pleasure in a splendid 3-0 record over Belgium in World Cups but this time they were defeated in an extremely significant match by them. In this pinnacle clash Netherland has led after walking over Australia with 4-3 on penalties in the game’s semi-finals. The game came to an end with 2-2 after which it was Pirmin Blaak who kept them in the sport with several astonishing stick encounters. However, Netherlands was unsuccessful to keep their nerves in the finals night and only saw the cup fade away from them.

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Hockey World Cup

There were two highlights of this triumphant victory. First was stepping forward of Arthur de Sloover to take the penalty stroke in the shootout. With a reverse, he hit in the net. The organisers stepped up to bring the barriers and platforms, setting up the stage at Kalinga Stadium but were sent back. The Netherlands asked for reconsideration and in the replay of the shoot, it was noticed that Sloover strike his leg, thus nullifying the goal. In the second best part, Florent van Aubel came down for the shootout. With a dodge Pirmin took his shot, hitting the ball in the net. The second review took place and this time it struck Pirmin’s leg. The goal was counted. Then, Dutch celebrity striker Jeroen Hertzberger came and Belgium goalkeeper by blocking the star made Jeroen fright and his shot goes over the goal.

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It was thrilling, intense and a historical cliff between Netherland and Belgium, where even the weather was unlike city’s usual temperature was a little cold, the crowd was focused over the pitch and for a second, as the game heated up, even the iconic Sachin Tendulkar was lost in the crowd.

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