Exploring the Essence of the Patna High Court: A Comprehensive Overview

Patna High Court

Patna High Court, nestled in the vibrant state of Bihar, stands as an emblem of justice, embodying the rich legal heritage of India. Established on February 3, 1916, under the Government of India Act, 1915, it has been a pivotal institution shaping the legal landscape of the region.

Patna High Court : Historical Overview

The genesis of the High Court Patna traces back to the time when Bihar and Orissa were separate provinces under British rule. The court was initially established with a Chief Justice and two puisne judges, and over the years, it has evolved significantly in terms of infrastructure, jurisdiction, and the scope of legal matters it presides over.

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Patna High Court : Structure and Jurisdiction

The High Court Patna functions from its principal seat in Patna, the capital city of Bihar. Additionally, it has jurisdiction over the states of Bihar and Jharkhand, imparting justice and adjudicating matters ranging from civil, criminal, constitutional, to administrative issues.

Principal SeatPatna
JurisdictionBihar and Jharkhand

Chief justice of Patna High Court

Chief Justice NameTenure
Justice Sanjay KarolApril 2019 – May 2020 (transferred)
Justice Amreshwar Pratap SahiMay 2019 – November 2019 (additional charge)
Justice Rajendra MenonMarch 2017 – April 2019
Justice Iqbal Ahmed AnsariOctober 2016 – March 2017 (acting)
Justice L. Narasimha ReddyFebruary 2015 – October 2016
Justice Rekha Manharlal DoshitSeptember 2014 – January 2015 (acting)
Justice Dr. Ravi RanjanFebruary 2014 – September 2014
Justice Kalyan Jyoti SenguptaDecember 2013 – February 2014 (acting)
Justice Rajendra PrasadOctober 2012 – December 2013
Justice Shiva Kirti SinghNovember 2011 – September 2012
Justice Aftab AlamFebruary 2010 – November 2011
Justice Shivkirti SinghDecember 2009 – February 2010 (acting)
Justice Chandramauli Kumar PrasadNovember 2009 – December 2009 (acting)
Justice R.M. LodhaMay 2008 – November 2009
Justice Nagendra Kumar JainApril 2007 – May 2008 (acting)
Justice J.B. KoshyOctober 2005 – April 2007
Justice N.N. MathurDecember 2004 – October 2005
Justice Radha Krishna PrasadMarch 2004 – November 2004 (acting)
Justice J.N. BhattSeptember 2002 – March 2004
Justice K.G. BalakrishnanDecember 2001 – September 2002
Justice S.N. JhaMarch 2001 – December 2001
Justice M. Jagannadha RaoJune 2000 – March 2001
Justice Y.K. SabharwalApril 1999 – June 2000
Justice B.P. SinghMarch 1997 – April 1999
Justice S. VenkatachalaMarch 1996 – March 1997
Justice B. L. HansariaSeptember 1994 – March 1996
Justice Aftab Hussain SaikiaMarch 1992 – September 1994
Justice B.P. Jeevan ReddyNovember 1989 – March 1992
Justice V. BhargavaFebruary 1988 – November 1989
Justice R. S. PathakAugust 1985 – February 1988
Justice M. I. QureshiJuly 1985 – August 1985 (acting)
Justice B. P. GuptaSeptember 1982 – July 1985
Justice A. A. LatifMarch 1981 – September 1982
Justice S. N. SinhaOctober 1978 – March 1981
Justice R. M. SahaiSeptember 1976 – October 1978
Justice S. K. JhaDecember 1973 – September 1976
Justice A. N. GroverNovember 1969 – December 1973
Justice A. N. SadgopalNovember 1966 – November 1969
Justice N. L. UntwaliaNovember 1965 – November 1966
Justice K. B. AsthanaJuly 1964 – November 1965
Justice R. K. SinghOctober 1963 – July 1964
Justice R. Imtiaz AliNovember 1962 – October 1963
Justice B. S. SaharyaJune 1961 – November 1962
Justice A. N. Bisheshwar PrasadNovember 1957 – June 1961
Justice J. K. LalJanuary 1957 – November 1957
Justice G. M. ChaudharyOctober 1953 – January 1957
Justice B. P. SinhaOctober 1949 – October 1953
Justice P. V. DesaiMarch 1948 – October 1949
Justice L. Achintya Malla Bujor BaruaNovember 1947 – March 1948 (acting)

Patna High Court : Architecture and Significance

The architectural brilliance of the High Court Patna is a testament to its historical significance. With its Indo-European style of architecture, adorned with beautiful pillars and arches, the court’s building stands as an iconic structure in Patna.

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High Court Patna : Notable Cases and Landmark Judgments

Over the years, the Patna High Court has been witness to several landmark judgments that have had a far-reaching impact on the legal landscape of the country. From cases related to civil rights, land disputes, constitutional matters, and socio-political issues, the court has played a pivotal role in shaping legal precedents.

High Court Patna : Legal Practices and Processes

The court operates through a structured system of legal proceedings, adhering to the Indian judicial system’s framework. It upholds the principles of fairness, justice, and equity, providing a platform for litigants to seek redressal and resolution.

Patna High Court : Technological Integration and Modernization

In an era of technological advancements, the Patna High Court has embraced modernization. It has incorporated technology in its proceedings, adopting e-filing systems, video conferencing facilities, and digitization of records, thereby streamlining the legal process for greater efficiency and accessibility.

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Patna High Court : Challenges and Reforms

While the Patna High Court has made significant strides, it faces challenges typical of any judicial institution. Backlogs, infrastructural limitations, and the need for judicial reforms are areas that require attention to ensure timely and effective dispensation of justice.


Patna High Court stands as a cornerstone of justice in Bihar and Jharkhand, upholding the values of the Indian legal system. With its rich history, architectural splendor, and commitment to justice, it continues to serve as a beacon of hope for millions seeking recourse within its hallowed halls.

As the wheels of justice turn within its chambers, the Patna High Court remains an integral institution, striving to deliver justice and uphold the rule of law in society.

This comprehensive overview of the Patna High Court seeks to encapsulate its historical significance, operational dynamics, and its role in shaping the legal framework of the region it serves.

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