5 NCERT Class 10 Tips To Help Slow Learners To Gain Knowledge In Math

maths ncert solutions class 10


It could be that your child is a slow learner, and you are worried about his performance in Class 10 exams. The truth is, when intellectual abilities are concerned, the experts consider slow learners to be at par with that of normal students. The only difference noticed is that they are extremely distracted. Moreover, the regular teaching methods fail to comprehend them as to what is being taught. It is for this reason; it is important to introduce your child to some special teaching techniques like maths ncert solutions class 10. With the right methods adopted, your child can have a better understanding. Besides this, your child should enjoy proper and timely support from qualified teachers to score well in his/her Class 10 board exams. Adapting these unique changes will allow slow learners to be successful not only in their studies and life. 

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Using the right techniques and approaches

Different types of approaches and techniques can be availed involving group and individual teaching. However, the teaching pattern should be based on your child’s individual learning ability and needs. Hence, you should take the help of reputed and well-established centres like Cuemath that is known to impart Class 10 Math subject, helping children to understand the concept properly and get good marks. Such centres do boast of having employed well-trained teachers who are experts in their respective domains. Also, they have years of teaching experience and use the latest specialized software tools combined with unique teaching methodologies. This way, they make numbers and math quite interesting. 

5 useful tips to help slow learners to understand Math subject

Teaching individually or in small groups

Students suffering from slow learning abilities do require proper and special attention from expert teachers. They can either study in small groups or alone, depending on their specific requirements and understanding abilities. The teachers should also place more focus on the student’s specific inability and tone it so that he/she understands the different concepts well. Moreover, learning with peers and in groups can help increase your child’s social abilities. 

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Practical lessons

It is quite obvious that students do not prefer studying within a confined space. For slow learners, the problem can only be compounded. The best way to enable your child to learn math is to make him perform some sums from different chapters. 

Cognitive training

Ncert solutions offered by the experts are sure to improve your child’s cognition or perception level. Slow learners can enjoy increased focus and attention span, considered to be essential to learn Math subject. Also is boosted neurological connections along with brain growth. 

Sound therapy

It is regarded to be among the most popular methods used. It involves using unique tools and sounds to stimulate auditory pathways, thus helping to improve focus and listening. Sound therapy does help to improve auditory transmission procedures conducted in the brain region. It stimulates the muscles present in the ear passage, thereby regaining original ability or power. 

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Customized plan

The fact is students love to attend classes that are fun-filled and promotes creativity. Hence, there have emerged numerous learning programs targeting slow learners. Customized plans are offered to students allowing them to overcome their weaknesses and polish their specific skills, something that they lack in. Therefore, with appropriate follow-ups and by seeking professional expertise, it becomes easy to learn math subject. 

How slow learners can benefit from the program?

It is important for the slow learners to adopt the above-given techniques as well as to apply for appropriate training programs. This allows him/her to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Enhanced simultaneous and sequential processing
  • Enhanced math computation skills
  • Auditory processing, discrimination, thereby promoting comprehension.
  • Sustained working memory and attention

Appropriate teaching methods combined with complete support from industry experts are sure to help slow learners to adapt fast and become math geniuses. The qualified teachers will provide the necessary tips to ensure your slow learning child starts to love as well as enjoy this otherwise complex subject.

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