RBI Warns Of New Online Banking Fraud: Mobile App Can Steal Money From Your Account

RBI Warns Of New Online Banking Fraud

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has warned people from downloading the AnyDesk app, especially on their smartphones as this will help fraudsters to take away all the money from their bank accounts.

The fraudster calls as a bank representative and allures the customer to download the AnyDesk app stating that it is in accordance with the RBI. To convince the customer the caller verifies the victim’s details like name, mobile number, and date of birth. The fraudster even frightens the customer saying that the card will get blocked if the app is not downloaded. Once the app is downloaded it asks far privacy permission like other apps to gain customers confidence. A 9 digit app code is generated which the fraudster asks the customer to relay to him/her. After this, the fraudster gets full access to the smartphone. However, there is plenty of remote control app and AnyDesk app is just one of them. One should never share any app generated code over the phone to anyone else. According to a recent survey cyber crimes rank #3 in India.

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The most common types of online frauds are:

  • Stealing debit or credit card.
  • Cloning of debit or credit card.
  • Phishing
  • Stealing the PIN number or banking password.
  • Hacking accounts and mobile apps.
  • Stealing CVV and OTP numbers.

RBI Warns Of New Online Banking Fraud mid

The guidelines issued by RBI in case any user fall victim of Online Banking Fraud.

  • Safe net banking systems must be created.
  • Limit the liability of customers.
  • SMS and email alerts must be informed.
  • If the complaints is received within 3 days the whole amount must be credited to the customer within 10 days.
  • If the complaints is delayed to 4-7 days a fine of up to Rs.25000/- is levied on the customer depending on the type of bank account credit card.
  • If the delay is over 7 days the customers fine then depends on the bank’s policy approved by the board.
  • The customer complaint must be solved within 90 days of receiving it.
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