Here is the list of BSNL Message Center Number of all States

BSNL Message Center Number

BSNL Message Center Number

Are you looking BSNL message center number in the right place? Yes, we give below all BSNL message center numbers. Many users facing message not sent issues, or if they face any damage in their mobiles. For suppose you send a message to your friend that will be automatically canceled. In those cases, you definitely change your message center number. Each network has its own unique message center number to send text messages to one another. SMSC is nothing but, short message service center number. Using this number we can send, receive and forward SMS to one another offline or online. Without this number, we can’t do all those things. It is mandatory for every network. So Now have a look on the list of BSNL Message center numbers all states.

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BSNL Message Center Numbers State wise

BSNL Center Number (STATES)SMS Numbers
BSNL SMS Center Number Uttaranchal+919412024365
BSNL Message Center Number West Bengal  +919434024365
BSNL Message Center Number Hyderabad+919440024365
BSNL SMS Center Number Uttar Pradesh west+919412024365  
BSNL Message Center Number Uttar Pradesh east+919415024365  
BSNL Message Center Number Madhya Pradesh+919425124365
BSNL SMS Center Number Maharastra+919422024365
BSNL Message Center Number Karnataka+919448024365
BSNL SMS Center Number Kerala+919447024365  
BSNL Message Center Number Kolkata+919433024365
BSNL SMS Center Number Orissa  +919437024365
BSNL Message Center Number Punjab+919417024365
BSNL SMS Center Number Rajasthan+919414024365
BSNL Message Center Number Sikkim+919434024365
BSNL SMS Center Number Tamilnadu+919443024365
BSNL Message Center Number Telangana+919440024365

How to Change SMS Center Number on Android

  • In the very first step, one has to open the messaging app and do select a menu bar available on the mobile itself.
  • Go to Settings-> select Advanced settings.
  • Now you need to scroll down so that you can see the message center number option provided there.
  • And now the user is ultimately requested to enter the exact message center number with respect to their operator.
  • Do click on the SMS center number option available in the form of a list.
  • Finally, you are successful in changing the SMS center number on Android.
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Last Words

If none of the above mentioned message center number not worked out please call 198 customer care helpline number. They may help you to give exact information and check out the area you are currently staying in and will help you with the settings in your device. Mostly, all the operators uses 198 as their Customer Care Number.

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