Humanitarian work of cooking for orphan and underprivileged: With Nawab’s kitchen Food For All Orphans and grandparent’s cookbooks

nawab's kitchen food for all orphans

“Hunger isn’t an issue of welfare and relief but an issue of justice.”

Feeding the hungry and especially the poor and underprivileged is the highest good deed. There have been several philanthropists serving generously to this section of society. Still, it takes a special heart from those few in the area of givers who provide the needy with the handful of work of providing quality food to the poor children at orphanage or slums. They do not belong from a humbling background themselves, but they surely recognize their duty towards society and equality of wellbeing. In their kitchen, they cook food for hundreds of slum children right from their favorite chocolate milkshake to no oven black forest cake. All you have to do is view their videos online as it comes as a donation itself. 

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Delicious Recipes :Nawab’s Kitchen Food For All Orphans

Be it Kwaja Moinuddin(Nawab’s Kitchen Food For All Orphans) or our beloved deceased grandpa, and they shared a culmination of varied, delicious recipes’. Such simple ways to make them, one can follow them simultaneously and make delicious homemade butter chicken or lasagna with no oven. If you are more inclined towards Indian cuisine and are a vegetarian by culture or choice the Indian origin Grandma’s kitchen will come to your rescue. She shares a ton of vegetarian recipes like mixed vegetable curry and yummy margarita pizzas. These recipes are cooked on a large scale and given away to the poor.

Earthy cooking of Nawab’s Kitchen Food For All Orphans

The cooking style of these kinds of you tubers is quite earthy and homely. Philanthropists like Nawab’s Kitchen Food for All Orphans have created a large over forty kilograms of cake and that too regularly. This cooking is done on the earthen pot and above a charcoal fire near a wide and open green field around with the best of ingredients. These food products are the best of quality and needless to say quite nutritious, they just need your support and they would take care of the rest.

Aims to Feed : Nawab’s Kitchen Food For All Orphans

Upon interviewing these gentle souls they stick to the same objective. That is to feed the hungry, with an objective as pure as of Nawab’s Kitchen Food for All Orphans one is bound to be famous along with it. The very intention of these pages online has made them so famous and the favorite among their audiences.

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Hygienic cooking places for Nawab’s Kitchen Food For All Orphans

Most of the cooking is done in big and distant farmhouses, in the most homely format. These people constantly cook something new to keep the audiences hooked to the channel besides feeding the hungry and poor. What gives them happiness is not the success of the channel but the smiling faces of the needy who provide them with the choicest blessings otherwise.

Make donation to Nawab’s Kitchen Food For All Orphans

As a viewer, you can make donations following your pocket. You can donate the link given to the description box below. Hence, if you find yourself financially capable enough to help such indigenous channels grow on a global level kindly donate your share. If not then make sure to share, like, and subscribe to these channels and watch the whole videos. 

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Helping the needy will always grant you the best of blessings; however, these blessings only arrive at the ones with the purest intentions. The internet is filled with façade and wannabe philanthropist. As an enlightened internet user make sure to support Nawab’s Kitchen Food For All Orphans like channels. That is how you as an individual do your bit to eradicate hunger with the quality food product. 

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