Military Tourism: Connecting Rail-Line at Zero Point Munabao


Considering the jingoism in the debate by the right-wing media, most of the Indian population must know the LOC. The Wagha Border is the name of the border which India shares with its neighbors. However, no one is alien to the repeated beating tensions which escalated between the two nations. Observing the increasing tensions and loss of lives of Indian soldiers going in vain the government did what it excels upon for the last fifty years. Diplomacy and settlement, an agreement was made to open the railway line connecting two cities of both the nation each. Munbao village from the Indian state Rajasthan with Khokhrapar with Sindh Pradesh of Pakistan.

Why is Munabao relinked?

The major reason for the re-linking is the same as why Samjahuta Express was given a green signal to run. It is an effort to pacify border relations between those two nations who are constantly in a heated battle with each other. Upon opening a rail link between these two nations the chances of agreement and placidity and safety of the borders can be ensured. The borders are so undefined by the colonizers. The brief history of the borders of Munabao and Sindh speaks that the line was broken down back in the 1965 war. It was later rebuilt and created a link between the two nations in 2006. 

Munabao the zero point

Now that you might have had an idea about history, visiting Munabao village provides a surreal experience. The travelers and onlookers who see it for the first time believe the entire idea of the borders is something to ponder of. Those who are looking for militaristic adventures and movie set experiences must visit the land. This little village and the one at Sindh, Pakistan defy the whole charade, political jingoism, and intellectual fascism of separation, partition, and border. The onlookers see no difference between the culture, lifestyle, and food habits of the individuals. However, there still is a major difference that shades the rest and that is the religious beliefs. 

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Train schedule

The train is a local passenger type train with sleeper class coaches and no air conditioning ones. The travelers must have a tough resistance to heat. The journey is a hundred and eighteen kilometers approx which would approximate up to two hours of a journey through the scorching heat of Thar Desert. Those who admire nature in the rawest most brutal forms must visit. The petite hamlets amid those two hours might make you fathom life in those places. The train usually leaves early in the morning to avoid extreme weather conditions so make sure to reach on time. Be well packed with food and water because do not expect a traveler treatment at military base camp areas.

What does the Munabao offer?

As spoken earlier the plight of people is similar on both sides, water is the essential commodity and the local villagers highly rely upon the water tanker facilities provided by the government on both ends. The village is nine kilometers away from the last proper settlement of civilians. Hence water, food, and healthcare facilities are quite stringent at these places. This journey is only going to offer deep thoughts and contemplation to the traveler. You will be surprised to see humanity existing in a surrounding with the explosive political circuit.

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Munabao will make you think of partition and how it is like to be at borders. Both as a soldier and a resident. The silence and stillness will be far from calm and placid rather, and it holds the screams of those losing their lives to divisions and us and them.

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