MTV Roadies: Real Heroes 2019 (Season 16) Winner is Here | Check Out Grand Finale Result

MTV Roadies Real Heroes 2019

MTV Roadies: Real Heroes is the sixteenth season of the reality show MTV Roadies. It started to air on MTV on the 10th of February. The MTV Roadies Real Heroes is preceded by MTV Roadies Xtreme. The show has been running for the longest time on Indian Television. Season 1 of the show was aired in 2003 and Ranvijay was one of the contestants who later became the winner of season 1 and also one of the most popular television celebrities. It’s been 16 years now and we see Ranvijay as the host and ringmaster of the current season. Raftaar, Sandeep Singh, Neha Dhupia, Nikhil Chinnappa, Prince Narula and Vijay Sharma are seen as the gang leaders.

The season 16 of MTV Roadies has announced its winner. The final contestants who fought to win the coveted trophy were Arun Sharma, Bidhan Shrestha and Ankita Pathak. Arun Sharma from the Raftaar gang has won to become the Real Hero of MTV Roadies Real Heroes.

Arun Sharma who comes from Kashmir joined the show as a wild card contestant. Though he joined the show mid-way, he didn’t only make it to the finals but also won it. The winner has an action-packed journey on the reality show. Arun Sharma who is 21 years old belongs from a village Nahoti which is located near LOC in Rajouri in Jammu and Kashmir. The gang leaders were impressed by him in the culling round but he was unable to get a direct entry in the show.

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There was no looking back, one he entered as a wild card contestant. He soon became the strongest contestants of the Roadies Real Heroes. In the finale, Arun had to rescue his gang members and the gang leader which was the ultimate test of strength and courage and Arun emerged victoriously in the task.

After winning the show Arun Sharma shared his excitement and said “For me, the journey has been quite different. I got rejected in the culling round. Rannvijay sir told me that you are very strong but are also very sweet and that is something, which doesn’t work on Roadies, as one needs to be cunning and smart. After being rejected, They called me for the wild card entry. As a wild card contestant, it’s extremely difficult. It feels like you are joining a class during mid-session, where everyone is friends and no one likes you, be it the gang leaders or the contestants. From day one to the last vote out, they wanted me out of the show. From being the target to winning the show, the feeling is amazing. All the physical and mental strain was worth it.”

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A superbike from and a year’s worth of free stay was the prize for the winner, which was given to Arun.

The contestants who made to the finale were Ankita Pathak and Bidhan Shrestha. Ankita Pathak is a police constable and also a state-level boxing champion. She won the hearts of the gang leaders in the Delhi auditions by her performance. Bidhan Shrestha who comes from Kathmandu is an engineering student and also a mountaineer. It is also reported that Bidhan saved the life of a trekker in Ladakh.

 Ankita and Bidhan both belong from the Prince’s gang while Arun belongs from the gang of Raftaar. This is the second term of Raftaar serving as a gang leader in the Roadies and in the second term itself, Raftaar won the show for the first time as a gang leader. Arun also says that Raftaar played the role of Krishna during the contest while he was the Arjun. Arjun also says “During the final task, Raftaar sir was like lord Krishna to me and I felt like Arjun. He guided me throughout the finale task. It was very emotional for me as well. Earlier, I wanted to be a part of Prince gang but, the gang was already full, so I became a part of Raftaar gang. Gradually, we earned each other’s trust. Raftaar sir was always there for me and gave me directions, throughout my Roadies journey.”

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Meanwhile, the winner of the last season was Kashish Thakur who belonged to Neha Dhupia gang in Roadies Xtreme.

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