Mona Das from Bihar takes oath as Washington State Senator with Gita in hand

Mona Das from Bihar takes oath as Washington State Senator with Gita in hand

This is a very proud moment for India. Mona Das, an Indian born in Bihar is elected as the senator for the 47th district of the State of Washington in the United States in her first attempt. She was a member of the Democratic Party.

Mona has migrated to the US with her family when she was 8 months old. Her ancestors basically belonged to the Munger district that is situated in the state of Bihar, India. Her grandfather is a retired civil surgeon who comes from the Gopalganj district and worked at Bhagalpur as well as Darbhanga Medical College Hospital. Mona Das was born on 1971 in Darbhanga Medical College Hospital. Her father Mr. Subodh Das is an engineer who lives in St. Louise MO. Mona Das has graduated in Philosophy from Cincinnati University. She has always expressed her love towards her ancestral place India and has thoroughly adopted the culture and tradition of the country. That is why when she took the oath as a senator on 14th January, she had Gita in hand which depicted her pride that she always takes in her ancestry.

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Mona Das from Bihar takes oath as Washington State Senator with Gita in hand Mid

Her message on the day started with greetings of Makar Shankranti which is an Indian festival. She also added that it is very important for a leader to be dynamic and said that it is very important to educate the girls so that they can succeed in life. She also added that educating a girl implies educating the whole family along with the successive generations. She has decided to encourage girls to pursue their dreams. Mona Das also said that she has plans of visiting her ancestral village in India, and she also wishes to travel through different parts of India to witness the diversity of culture in her native country. She also added that as a senator of Washington State, she would make herself available to the people of the village so that they can meet her for their problems and she would also work to improve the educational conditions of the place which would lead to a much better future.

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