How Mahesh Gogineni Is Shaping The Tech Sphere Of India

Mahesh Gogineni

He is perhaps best known for his marriage to the heiress and business wiz Dr. Lakshmi Venu, but Mahesh Gogineni has been shaping India’s tech and social media sector for a long time now. With an illustrious family, a great career, and now a blooming personal life. It seems that Mahesh Gogineni’s life is that of a real-life novel protagonist.

Mahesh Gogineni: Family and Business

Mahesh Gogineni was born to a prominent Andhra family, with his ancestor being the parliamentarian and Padma Vibhushan awardee N. G. Ranga. He was educated in BITS Pilani and the London School of Economics and obtained an MBA from Stanford too.

Mahesh Gogineni seems to have a LinkedIn profile that would make the most innovative of entrepreneurs jealous. Backed up by his selective education, Mahesh Gogineni entered the realm of startups.

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His first endeavor was the platform Wysh, a unique platform that allows individuals to receive customized videos from their favorite celebrities for a certain amount of fee. The app seems to have become a big hit during the lockdown. As many preferred surprising their friends, family, and colleagues. With funny, inspirational, and roasting videos from their favorite Indian celebrity instead of taking the pains to have a physical gift delivered. Since the platform began in October 2019, the platform sent out over ten thousand videos according to Mahesh Gogineni himself. The application was praised for its successful analysis of the market’s needs and interests and tapping into them – the hallmark of a startup destined to succeed.

Mahesh Gogineni: Marriage to TVS Heiress

After making a successful career as a tech entrepreneur, Mahesh Gogineni landed an impeccable hit in the personal life sector too – in March 2018, he tied the knot with Dr. Lakshmi Venu, who is the daughter of TVS Motors chairman Venu Srinivasan and TAFE Chairman Mallika Srinivasan. The move thus brought together too many prominent families of southern India.

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It also seems to be a match made in professional heaven, with Dr. Lakshmi boasting of just an impressive a resume as her husband. She obtained degrees from Yale and Warwick and currently works as a joint managing director in Sundaram Clayton. This is her second marriage, as she was previously married to Rohan Murty, son of Infosys founder Narayana Murthy, from 2011-2015. Rohan Murty also subsequently remarried.

Mahesh Gogineni: Continued Entrepreneurial Spirit

Despite the choice of kicking back and engaging in idle pursuits. As his family background would have allowed him to so very easily, Mahesh Gogineni continues to juggle various tech endeavors. Apart from Wysh and Gifskey, he also had a hand in emojify and ZapLuk.

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It has been stated that Mahesh Gogineni returned to India despite his foreign degrees to work in, and improve the tech sector and entrepreneur endeavors of the company. It seems that he has been doing a great job of it so far.

Indeed, his life can be a great lesson to many budding entrepreneurs, who may find themselves stuck in limbo from time to time. Despite his privileged upbringing and impressive degrees, which makes Mahesh Gogineni and his work unique is that they tap into what the public wants. From emojis and gifs to beauty services on demand, no wonder his startups have always been well received by the public.

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