Indian Man Faces Medical Difficulties in Dubai, Billing amount over 18 lakhs

Indian Man Faces Medical Difficulties in Dubai, Billing amount over 18 lakhs

An Indian man Surendra Nath Khanna who was critically ill and he visits Dubai to see his son. He was admitted in a Dubai hospital as he was detected with a lung infection as well as multi-organ failure. The hospital authority charged over 18 lakhs for his treatment. His son named Anubhav Khanna did not aid any medical insurance and travel insurance facility to pay the expenses of the hospital. His son Anubhav already spent Rs 3 lakh every day for his father’s treatment. Even he cannot clear the unpaid bill till now. The value is equivalent to 3 lakh Indian currency.

Surendra Nath Khanna who is 66 years old, hails from Punjab to visit his son. Before his visit, he was suffering from acute breathlessness. He went to the hospital. He was admitted there for the problem of acute breathlessness on 15th March. He visited Dubai with his wife the next morning of this incident. His son observed that his father was suffering from a bit breathless but he was not sick. In fact, any kind of symptoms of sickness did not find, his son said. In Khaleej Times newspaper Anubhav shared that he migrated Dubai before 11 months. So his parents visited him. When his father was suffering from breathlessness in the morning, he informed ambulance and admitted him to a hospital. He shared that his father was diagnosed by the doctors to be a severe lung infection. His father’s limbs became discolor, doctors said. As per the medical report of Mr. Khanna, the infection has spread through his left hand. Gradually the infection affected his complete left hand and other parts of his body. Doctors amputated him to solve this problem. Besides this, his right leg may be affected with Gangrene and amputation is the solution.

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Contrastly, his son said that his father was suffering from only breathlessness and cough. Local doctors suggested prior to his travel that his problem can solve as it was a seasonal ailment. Head of Chancery and acting Consul-General of India to the UAE, Mr. Neeraj Agrawal said that all the possible medical help will provide to this family to solve the problem quickly.

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