A Man was Arrested by Delhi Police, for Carrying Pistol In Chandi Chowk, Delhi Metro

A Man was Arrested by Delhi Police, for Carrying Pistol In Chandi Chowk, Delhi Metro

According to the Delhi police, an old man who was 38 years old, was taken into custody at Delhi Metro Station. The reason behind his arrest was clear. The old man was carrying a pistol which was made in our country along with bullets in his bag. Police identified the man named Vishal C, who lives in Lajpat Nagar in Delhi. This man was carrying the weapon in the bag which was detected by the X-ray baggage scanner in the Anand Bihar Metro Station near about at 06.00 am. As per the reporters, the man was quickly hand over the bag to the police. According to the law, the Delhi Metro zone is totally banned for carrying arms and ammunition.

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Delhi police and CISF personnel both identified the suspect man along with pistol and bullets on Sunday. Central Industrial Security Force Personnel handed the custody to the local police of Delhi. Delhi police tried to investigate further and crack the exact purpose of him.

Such kind of incidents is more frequent in Delhi station. Though Delhi Metro Station is a completely arm and ammunition banned zone, and it is against the law. Some people frequently carrying arms and weapons or they may be used this kind of arms to spread antiterrorism activities.

Approximately one month ago, a 28-year-old man detained by Central Industrial Force on 24 February in this year. He was also arrested for carrying a country-made pistol. He was found in the blue line of Delhi Metro Station, according to the police. The suspected man was detected when his bag was detected by a big scanner machine which was present in the Metro station. A firearm was detected when his bag was checked by this big scanner machine. This incident happened at Noida 15 Metro Station, as per the information was given by the police. The man was identified as Ankit Kumar Singh. He was 28 years old and he was a native villager of Palam Village in Delhi. He was also a student of Roorkee College in Uttarakhand. Local police constantly keep an eye on this kind of incident and try to crack the mystery behind this incident.

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