Chris Gayle’s High Hopes at ICC 2019 Cricket World Cup

Chris Gayle’s High Hopes at ICC 2019 Cricket World Cup

Chris Gayle is the West Indian batsman who is second only to Brian Lara in scoring 23 centuries and 9727 runs in the 50-overs games will soon retire from the One Day Internationals after taking part in this year’s ICC World Cup in England and Wales. Being the highest run scorer in the 2015 World Cup, Gayle says: I’m in good condition. The body is feeling good and I’m pleased with that. I’ve lost a bit of weight and I don’t want to get too big. I’m still working on my six pack. I’m trying to keep up with the youngsters in the field who are like cats the way they chase the ball’.

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Claiming himself to be the greatest player in the world, he says that he is the Universe Boss and he will take this name to his grave. He also has informed the reporters saying, “I’m looking to draw the line after the World Cup”. He wants his youngsters to have some fun in the field while he wishes to sit back in the party stand and have some fun time. This prolific batsman has played 103 Tests the last of which that he played was in 2014.

Chris Gayle’s High Hopes at ICC 2019 Cricket World Cup Mid

According to him, the series against England perhaps will be the last time his fans will get to see the Universe Boss on his home continent. He feels that he should continue to entertain his fans as much as he can by scoring hundred or more against the team he needs to play. He feels that everybody should be happy and enjoy the game.

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For Gayle, “Winning the World Cup would be a fairy tale finish”. He feels his youngsters owe this win to him as they have to do this for him and get him the trophy. “I’ll be looking forward to put my input as well”, says Gayle. In recent times, Gayle has focused more on limited over cricket, including the international Twenty20 matches. As a part time off-spinner, Gayle has acquired 165 wickets in One Day Internationals.

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