How to Find The Right Indoor Bike Rack for Yourself?

indoor bike rack


So, you have just bought a nice, expensive bicycle and naturally, you would want to store it indoors to keep it safe from theft or even being exposed to the elements. 

However, cyclists who live in small spaces have the same problem: you want to keep your bike easily accessible but don’t like the idea of having to traipse around them all the time. If you don’t have access to a shed or garage, an indoor bike rack could be a better solution for you. 

What to look for in an indoor bike rack and what are the possible options? In this article, we are discussing the factors you should consider when looking for the right bike storage solution for you. 

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing An Indoor Bike Rack 

Permanent or Temporary 

Being a homeowner gives you more options in storing your bike because most racks require bolting to the ceiling or wall. But, if you are renting an apartment, you may have to request permission from your landlord to drill holes. If that is not possible, there are still non-damaging indoor bike rack options you can find. 

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Number of Bicycles 

Even when you have just one bike today, consider whether there is any chance you will add another in the future—possibly for your kids or visitors. Choose which storage option will work best for you in the long term. In many cases, a multi-bike rack is a better solution. 


Your bikes should be organized, but also easily accessible. This much is true for your kids. Wall-mounted or ceiling bike racks can be too hard and dangerous for them to use. Plus, lifting the bikes is not an option for them. Floor racks prove to be a better choice because they make it easy for them to access and store the bikes themselves.

Bike Weight & Wheel Size 

The size of your wheels and the width of the tires vary, and if you are using plus-sized ones, you have to make sure that the racks you are buying are compatible with your bike. It also matters that you take into account the quality of your walls and whether or not they can support your bikes. Heavy bikes will have to be bolted to a solid brick wall.

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Additional Security

Keeping your bike inside doesn’t automatically make it secure. When installing a wall-mount rack, consider placing it in an obscure location, away from the windows. You should also consider a rack that offers additional security such as locks. 

Additional Wall & Floor Protection 

Your bike can have the occasional dirt and grease, particularly when you’re riding it in all weather. When you don’t always have the time to clean it before storing it, you should consider an indoor storage solution that comes with housing or touch plates for added wall and floor protection. 

3 Types of Indoor Bike Rack 

Can you already imagine the type of indoor bike rack for you? Continue reading for the racks you can find in the market today.

Floor Storage 

Under this category are non-permanent and permanent options. There are free-standing floor racks that usually have rubber feet to keep them from sliding and will house the rear wheel to keep the bike stable and upright. The permanent option works technically the same, only it can be bolted to the floor.

Wall Storage 

Maximize your wall space by bolting wall-mounted hooks. This is perfect if you don’t have a lot of floor space or when you are hanging multiple bikes. Can’t drill holes? Don’t worry! There are non-damaging alternatives, such as a wall-leaning rack—suitable for carpeted flooring—or a pole that clamps between the floor and ceiling.

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Ceiling Storage 

A ceiling bike rack offers a great way to keep your bike out of view, without taking up your living space. Keep in mind, however, that above all options, it requires a lot of effort to assemble and ensure that your ceiling can bear the weight of your bike. But, after that, it would be easy to lift and lower your bike using a pulley rope as needed. 


If you are storing your bike indoors, then it probably means that much to you. A bike rack is less a rack and more a statement-making furniture display. So, you might as well invest in one that you could use for years.

In conclusion, your choice of a bike rack should be based on your lifestyle and priorities. Wall-mounted racks free up valuable floor space while a self-standing bike rack gives you the flexibility to store your bikes in different locations. 

There are more options than ever before when it comes to bike racks. But how would you want to store your bicycle? Let us know by leaving a comment below. 

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