Holi 2019: Few Ways to Make It Memorable


It is known to all that Holi is the festival of colours. Thanks to the Indians now it is known all over the world. It is a festival which takes place when the cold bite of the winter gets removed and the rhythm of the nature resumes again, the green twigs come out of the trees, the flowers bloom everywhere – a perfect backdrop for the festival of colours. It’s not just a festival of colours; it also spreads joy in the atmosphere. Everything starts anew.

According to Hindu mythology, when the demon sister, Holika of King Hiranyakashyap was burnt the ashes of her body became the colours by the grace of lord Vishnu and was returned to world with happiness. It is also a philosophical way of the mythology to state that with the end of the evil in our hearts and the remains of it is the key to boundless joy and love. It also signifies the coming round of the nature from the claws of winter. When the festival itself has such a great setup the festival is bound to be the most beautiful of the year.

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It’s true that nowadays in India there are several ways to celebrate the Holi and to make it memorable but nothings better to have friends and families gathered over and celebrate the afternoon of the day. The day starts with a healthy meal and gathering of all the members of the family. Then preparations are made to play Holi. First it is started by giving colours or Abir to the foot of the eldest of the family and then the mood of merriment spreads away. Everyone drenches the other with water colours and the environment of mocking a battle begins. The day ends with laughter and for people playing Holi passionately it is sure that after the enjoyment it becomes a little difficult to recognise them. The day is ended with the elder women in the family distributing sweets and snacks among the the youngsters.

People can also organise a trip with family or friends to share the fun of the occasion. For merriment here are a few destinations where one can visit to celebrate the day of Holi.

  1. Fagun Fun Run: At the Gomti River Front Park, Lucknow the fun runs of about 1-5 kms will be held on 20th March, Wednesday. With a minimal national contribution of Rs 100 per adult and Rs 50 per child the willing will be able to participate. To book click here.
  2. Dol Utsav, Futiyari, Puruliya: This event takes place just 25kms away from purulia town, a place surrounded by Talbani hills from 20-22nd Including Abir khela there will be rafting, rock climbing too. To book click here
  3. Trident festival Rainbow Dreams: the ultimate Holi celebration with music biggest DJ lineup. There will be MKSHFT, Glafira, RIB, SYNC, Eight O Eight performing live on 21st March at Royal Haveli, Prithviraj Road, Jaipur. To book Click here
  4. Rang Leela 2019: At hometown Kolkata at vedic village, shikarpur, Rajarhat the event is organised on 21st march 2019. There will be different kinds of food and entertainment. To book click here
  5. BURANS: For a different kind of evening like music concerts Burans are performing live at Wall Street Cafe Lounge, Connaught place, New Delhi on 20th March 2019.For tickets please click here
  6. Unite Holi Music Festival se 3: For a celebration of Holi with kids and family unite Holi festival is best in Delhi. The organisers are having music, fireworks, water guns and lots of food. It will be held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi. For booking click here.
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Holi is a festival of merriment and gaiety but it is a happy festival for everyone if it is enjoyed with caution. One should keep in mind that holi builds relationship between hearts, it does not create rivalry. So we should use organic eco-friendly colours and should play Holi with who are willing to play. It should not involve any kind of pressure or violence.  In the end we are bound to say that all these qualities are assured when we observe Holi because the atmosphere of gaiety and merriment has spread all over the world.

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