Delhi Teacher Set an Example and Wins Martha Farrell Award

Delhi Teacher Set an Example and Wins Martha Farrell Award

Ms. Manu Gulati is a teacher of Delhi Government school, achieve Martha Farrell Award.

The reason behind her award gender synchronized teaching. For this reason, she is chosen for the most promising individual category. Approximately for the last 13 years, she has been trying to research and implement the different teaching approaches. Her teaching techniques denote gender inequality in schools. Her techniques create unique barriers among girls. In the year 2006, Ms. Gulati is appointed as a teacher in a government school of West Delhi and she is from a low-income community. She tried to focus on amplifying the participation of girls in the life skills education and also increasing output of their academic education for the empowerment of her girl students. For eliminating the cultural barriers, superstitions, which discourage the girls and they are far from education, she tries to give efforts towards motivating, community structure including teachers, community heads, families, and peers, sensitizing them in the the school premises or outside the school.

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To eliminate and remove such kind of barrier, she implements some strategies such as livelihood training, community mobilizing, dance, technology, music, art, etc. which improves the teaching techniques and strategies. New and interesting kinds of learning techniques always work and she is successful to spread the educations among girls. These types of techniques may help to impart technical knowledge as well as formal knowledge to the girls. This kind of innovative techniques has changed their thought process and help them to know themselves more as well as our society.

Not only the girls but the boys are equaly benefitted for her teaching techniques. Ms. Gulati also tries to create a gender equitable environment for boys. She creates an educational environment where all students can thrive, learn and grow. The award foundation says that Ms. Manu practiced gender equality education for every day which helps our society to spread the light of education. She balances both personal and professional lives and involves social responsibilities. Generally Martha awards are given for the gender equality work, adult education, women’s right, etc. These awards are categorized in two disciplines. One is the most promising individual and other is the best organization for gender euality.

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