Decades Old Treaty between the Us and Russia Comes To an End!



Trump has been making changes which are making headlines all over the world. Recently, he has announced that the treaty which was signed in 1987 moniker as Intermediate-Nuclear Forces Treaty which by the US with Russia, which is now a decades-old is coming to an end now.  Donald Trump has said that Russia has been violating the treaty norms and this seems to be the reason behind this massive decision taken by the US President. This statement was reported to the reporters by Trump himself on last Saturday when he was leaving Nevada.

 According to the treaty, the rule laid that both of the nations have to abolish the use of ground launched-ballistic missiles and cruise missiles which are in the ranges falling between 300 and 3400 miles. This was like a canopy that was offering protection to the US’ European partners and also served as an end to the Cold War.

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In the start of Octobers, NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg displayed concerns and opined that this military alliance is weak because it is cited that Russia is not keeping up with what is written in the treaty.Also, Nuclear Posture Review published by the US defense department also talked about concerns over Moscow’s failure to keep up with the treaty.

It is clear that the agreement of the treaty is coming to end because Russia is not standing firm on the rules and regulations that are written on the treaty. But this could have the complete contrast effect and could raise the unrest like Europe which existed when this agreement was signed.

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