How Can You Check Your HDFC Bank Balance?

HDFC Balance Enquiry

HDFC bank is one of the leading banks in the whole of India and has over 4,700 branches and over 12,000 ATMs across the country. This bank has served over 2,600 cities and towns and a lot of customers based on the same. So if you want to check your HDFC bank balance then you can do that in a variety of ways that will be convenient for you.

What is the balance check number for the account holders?

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To check the HDFC Balance Enquiry, the account holders have to give a missed call to this number, 1800-270-3355. To make sure that you get only the account information related then you have to call this toll-free number with the use of the registered phone number that you have with the bank.

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Once you dial this number, the call will be automatically disconnected and then you will get an SMS on your registered phone number. Once you get the SMS, you can check to see how much balance is there on your account. The accountholders can check off their balance in a lot of ways like with the help of the SMS or net banking app which is provided by HDFC itself.

How to do the registration of a phone number?

If your phone number is not registered with the bank then you need to send REGISTER <Customer ID><Last 5 Digits of A/c No.> to 5676712 to make sure that the current number that you are using gets registered. You can even do the registration with the help of the net banking app or the website of HDFC itself. Log into that website using your credentials and then put out the information that you want to find. Once you have done it, it will be shown.

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It is easier than you think

HDFC bank is really lenient and it can help you to check your balance in one go. So if you are a customer of this bank then you don’t have to worry. With the help of mobile banking or the SMS feature of their official service, you can check your balance anytime that you want. It is really that easy and simple to do.

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