What is an IPO? Which are the Top 5 IPOs Coming up in 2024?


We have all seen dynamic changes in the financial landscape. The evolution of the market says it all. IPOs have become quite common in recent times as they allow private companies to make a big transition to become public companies. As an investor, you should be aware of all latest IPO as keeping an eye on the market arena is the epitome of a wise investor. In this blog, we’ll discuss what exactly an IPO is. Furthermore, we will dive into the top five IPOs you will get to see in 2024. 

What do you understand about an IPO? 

As we discussed in brief above, an IPO is referred to as an Initial Public Offering. It is quite prominent in the financial landscape. In addition, it is not only for the companies but also for interested investors looking for financial growth and profit. Indeed, the risks involved can be burdensome, but with risks comes growth. There are many perks associated with investing in an IPO, such as the image of the company soaring with this and more and more investors investing in them. In addition, it helps them gain potential results, and the valuation gets improved to a great level. In contrast to all the perks, the cons are genuine enough to be on the list. The risks of lawsuits are quite common, and apart from this, increased scrutiny can be daunting. Everything has pros and cons, and dealing with the latter makes one stand out.  

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Top 5 IPOs in 2024 

Ola electric 

Ola Electric is quite a prominent name in the market. Indeed, it is set to emerge as a highly anticipated IPO in the year 2024. They are aiming to achieve the target of fundraising between $700 million and $800 million. The company has indeed been trying to offer a fresh issue of equity shares, which can amount to up to Rs 5,500 crore.


Pharm Easy is one of the leading healthcare platforms in India. Also, it should be noted that it plans to aim for a substantial Rs. 6,250 crore issue size. It has shown quite robust performance. 

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Its strong market presence says it all. With this strategic public offering, they are seeking to raise around $84 million. Moreover, around 120 million customers are putting their trust in them by receiving services from them. 

OYO rooms

Oyo has been in the picture since 2013. However, its IPO filing was delayed due to its debt repayment. As of now, the business is proposing to raise Rs. 8,430 crores through an initial public offering (IPO).

Go Airlines 

This prominent airline has filed IPO paperwork with SEBI, is making its way into the market, and plans to raise Rs. 3,600 crores through its IPO. 

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Wrapping up  

In conclusion, before you start your investing journey in IPOs, it is vital to deeply grasp that what is IPO; furthermore, you should be aware of all the risks associated with it. With an experienced expert, you can start your investing journey seamlessly. 

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