Changes That May Occur In the Market

G20 Summit

The G20 Summit at Argentina that has ended a few days back can change the global market. The summit ended with the fact that USA and China may make a trade deal, which can twist the markets. As far as Singapore is concerned, it got a good start as shown on nifty exchange. Analysts said that currently nifty is going higher as it was showing its roll over at 72% which was 69% before. As far as market wise rollovers are concerned, they raised to 82%.

global market

The purchasing manager index (PMI) fall to 50% in November, which was 52% previously! It has been reported that this is a neutral mark as there is no growth and no decline. The Federal Reserve officers held a meeting and decided to increase the interest rate in G20 Summit. It has also been debated about the pausing of increasing the interest rate and telling the same to public.

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The G20 Summit has also concluded with the decision that USA and China may sign a trade deal but nobody knows what kind of trade will be done between both the countries. As far as Asian trade is concerned, it has moved down a little bit. But trade ties between US and China may help it to go up.

US stocks also fell as there is drop in Dow Jones Industrial Average, Nasdaq Composite, and S&P500 index. Japan factory output has risen up to 2.9% as it was dropped by 0.4 month in October.Indian rupees have risen by 77 paisa and one dollar was equal to Rs. 69.85.

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