Bengali Style Saree – How To Pull Off The Stunning Yards

traditional bengali saree

One of the most unique and gorgeous Indian looks is the saree. A staple in every women’s closet, a saree is just as versatile as it is long – you can turn up to a professional event, attend festivities, or stand out at the Sunday brunch. If you accessorize and drape the cloth right, you might even be able to wear the same saree to all three!

While there are numerous styles and types of sarees, one has always captured the imagination – the very beautiful and elegant Bengali saree.

Bengali Style Saree – Know Your Basics

The Bengali saree is both a saree pattern and a particular style of draping the saree. Perhaps the most common pattern of the Bengali style saree is the plain white cloth with the red border, often seen on the occasion of Durga puja. Indeed, most Bengali saree follow a similar pattern, where a heavy, bold border accompanies a plain cloth in a neutral color. This makes the saree simple, but open to a lot of experimentation and fun.

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Jewelry and hairstyle are also central to the Bengali style saree. Especially for religious or wedding festivities, many prefer to break out the heirloom gold necklaces, earrings, naths, and mangtikas. If you are going out for some other occasion, however, putting your hair up in a bun and focusing on eye-heavy makeup can dramatically alter your look.

But the most fun aspect of the Bengali style saree is the unique drape. Flattering for almost every figure, the drape lends elegance and style and helps elevate your look to the next level. It might be a little tricky to get the drape on the first go, but it is a must-learn. Here’s how you can get started.

How To Wear Bengali Saree

bengali style saree

So you have it all laid on your bed – the saree, the blouse, the accessories. But what now? Wondering how to wear Bengali saree in the traditional drape? Here is what you need to do –

  1. Start as you would with any saree, and drape the Bengali saree cloth around your waist. When you begin to make the pleats, make sure that they are broad,even, and rectangular. These pleats are a standout feature of the saree, so take your time with them. Be sure to not make more than two to four pleats – that is all you will need.
  2. Now, bring the leftover cloth to over across your body to the left side from the front, again like a regular saree. Now, make the pleats for your shoulder. These should be much smaller and tighter, about as long as the border. Let the rest of the cloth fall back behind your shoulder.
  3. Now, take the bottom-most pleat of your shoulder and spread it across your chest to cover up your blouse. Pin it on the right side of your waist to secure your Bengali style saree. You can also readjust your shoulder pleats now and pin them too.
  4. Now, bring the shoulder pallu to your right shoulder from behind. Make sure that the pallu pleats fall correctly behind your back. At the right shoulder, you now have the option to either pin the pallu in pleats again or let it drape open and freely. With a stiffer saree, you might prefer to pleat it. A softer cloth is sure to guarantee a beautiful cascading effect.
  5. Secure your Bengali saree with pins wherever you need to. Now you have the option to accessorize with jewelry, hairstyles, and shoes.You can easily buy Bengali saree online from different sites.
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bengali saree style

So now that you know how to wear Bengali saree, be sure to try it! Become the showstopper at the next festival, or dance at the wedding sangeet – you cannot go wrong with the Bengali style saree!

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