5 Types of Fabrics that are Good for your Sleep

silk bed sheet

High humidity can often be a sleep killer, especially for those who live in tropical areas of the world. What’s worse is that we can’t even take refuge in the “cold side” of our sweet pillows. And for those who have hyperhidrosis then the option of sleeping naked is out of question. 

Actually, even if you don’t have any sort of genetic predisposition to skin condition,  it’s still worth investing in decent sleepwear items. Good pajamas will not only help facilitate sleep at night, but make your lounging experience much more enjoyable. But lo and behold, not all pajamas are made equal, and the type of fabrics used will often make or break a product. 

The lifelong saying is that you should stick with something lightweight and avoid polyester like the plague. While it still has a ring of truth to it, sleeping environments are different from case to case, and there’s not really a “one-size-fits-all” solution. With that being said, the following contains a list of 5 most comfortable fabrics to help you catch those z’s.


If there’s a thing that exudes more luxury than a pair of silk pajamas, then it’s definitely wearing it on a 100% silk bed sheet. Silk is considered a powerhouse within the bedding industry. 

Besides being on equal footing with cotton in terms of breathability, Silk also enables the body to insulate better in cold climates while providing excellent ventilation in warmer conditions, helping your body keep up an optimal temperature. It also boasts other great features like being hypoallergenic; fungal-repellant and helps ward off unwelcomed dust mites. 

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Interior design and high-end fashion also owes a good portion of their identity to silk since the majority of drapes and catwalk pieces do incorporate a lot of the material in the making. If you’re one for zen, try mix-matching your nightwear with the surrounding decorative pieces, and you’ll might just end up loving your bedroom even more.


As mysterious as it is comfortable, cotton has been around for at least 7000 years and is considered a staple material used in old and contemporary garments, including the ever familiar pajamas we know today. Being a natural fiber type, it’s by default, a good choice for summer time because of its breathability and lightweightness. 

Cotton-made pajamas will never stick on to your skin or bring on any aggravation. On top of that, natural fiber fabric like cotton has a reputation for being durable and robust, which helps guard your nightwear from tear and wear. Be informed that American Upland cotton – the most common and affordable type – tends to fluctuate quite a bit in qualities. But if you’re not bound by a budget, then you can always find higher-end options from Egypt and Pima.


Rayon is like the McDonald in the fabric world, it’s affordable, oddly satisfying and always available at a location near you. Now, that description might not sound that appealing, rayon is actually a phenomenally versatile semi-natural fabric. Virtually any kind of clothing today primarily consists of rayon – or at least a portion of it – in the manufacturing process. 

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Hydrophobic in nature, it sees value the most in today’s athletic wear, followed by an ever-expanding casual wear market. It also has a unique (well,depending on how you see it) mimicry attribute to it, being able to replicate the feel and texture of cotton,wool,linen and many more. All of that being said, there are now rayon pajamas that possess the soft-to-the touch quality of silk while also being effectively water-resistant. 


Just like its cotton predecessor, linen has a deep historical depth to it and can be traced back to the same time as the Egyptian’s pharaohs of old. Being made from flax,a staple commodity in Egypt’s society, it contains a high level of pectin content that helps the fabric’s integrity to increase exponentially when wet. Therefore, it was far more durable and long lasting compared to other fabrics in that time. Making it the only fabric that has ever graced the body of Pharaohs in their journey to the underworld.

In modern times, it is used to make dress, draperies, decorative spreads, cushions, floor coverings, rope, and then some. Even the dollar bills that we see today are made from the combination of linen with cotton! And since embalming is not a thing anymore, people now find use in it through making comfortable and nice looking clothing. 

The only downside to this fabric is affordability and its tendency to gather wrinkles quickly. However, investing in any well-made linen slumberwear is anything but wasteful. The high quality production and lifespan will last you at least a decade if taken care of well.

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Polyester is one of the generally utilized textures by clothing producers over the globe. Active apparel brands, specifically, have a soft spot for this textile because of its sweat-wicking quality for making athletic wear. Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is typically manufactured from petroleum. This fabric is one of the world’s most mainstream textiles, and it is utilized in a huge number of various commercial and modern applications.

In case you are prone to night-sweating or simply need to keep truly cool, the correct dampness wicking polyester can offer you a dry night’s sleep that you’ve been looking for . Not all polyester fabrics are dampness wicking through, so make certain to take a gander at the name: these new fabrics will be named “dampness wicking polyester” or “performance polyester.”


Now with all of these available options for you to choose, all that’s left is to pick the best sleep fabrics for you, or maybe a couple of various ones to coordinate the various seasons. In case you’re uncertain about these materials, don’t stop for a second to go to your neighborhood retailer to genuinely feel them for yourself. What do you like best? In a perfect world we burn through 30% of our lives on the bed sheets, so it’s critical to pick what makes you the most agreeable!

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