Benefits of Using Kontent by Kentico Headless CMS for your Gatsby projects

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Do you need to switch to technologies that allow you to distribute your marketing material across several channels without sacrificing quality? The headless content management system (CMS) allows you to distribute material across several channels and simplifies content administration. The use of headless CMS aids in overcoming the limitations of traditional CMS.

What is a headless CMS?

A headless CMS is content management technology that lets authors create and organize material while giving developers structured information that will be displayed on the front end of a website or app using a different system.

To comprehend what we mean, you must first grasp what a traditional CMS is and how it operates. Traditional content management systems (CMS) like Drupal and WordPress store your material in a database and control content display using a collection of HTML-based templates. Several of these systems use server-side rendering to distribute content. A typical, monolithic CMS is in charge of both backend content management and providing that material to end users. 

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A headless CMS, on the other hand, is separated from frontend concerns, freeing developers to create rich experiences for consumers using the finest technology available. A headless CMS uses an API to return structured data, such as GraphQL and ESTful APIs. The availability of material as structured data enables it to be delivered to the intended audience via the channel or device of choice. A headless CM produces unstyled XML or JSON rather than integrating the presentation and data layers to create HTML. A frontend framework will be used to compile and optimize this.

Using headless CMS for your Gatsby projects will give you incredible benefits. 

So, what are the advantages of using headless CMS for Gatsby Websites?

Are you asking yourself what the perfect Gatsby CMS combination is? Using headless CMS from Kontent by Kentico for your Gatsby projects gives you several benefits over the conventional CMS.

Following is an explanation of these benefits:

1. Ease of use

A headless CMS, as previously said, separates content and code. This makes content management easier for editors. Furthermore, with the headless CMS, developers will use the most recent frameworks and tools to create content experiences for all current platforms. You will not be bound by the limits of a certain content management system, such as proprietary language if you use these CMS. You will find it simple to manage your content on a Gatsby-powered site using the Kontent headless CMS.

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2. Omnichannel 

Kontent by Kentico headless CMS forcibly separates data from its user display. This is really useful if you want to use the information across many channels. It will be simpler to repurpose your data for numerous channels if the purity of the material is kept without being contaminated with the medium-specific specifications of its presentation to the user. As a result, Kontent’s headless CMS enables you to distribute your content across any channel and device.

3. Development time reduction

You’ll see that our headless CMS is adaptable and nimble, allowing you to begin working on your site and using applications right away. The content given via APIs is easier to alter, integrate, and distribute, decreasing the time required to create content-driven experiences. Furthermore, because you don’t have to wait till your new material is published on your website before adding it, headless CMS will help you achieve quick turnaround times.

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4. Improved security

Headless CMS has few links to open servers or databases or servers, limiting the scope of harmful attacks. The technology enables you to host your content repository in a highly secure environment and only export the contents when producing the final pages. Because there is no server-side code for producing your web pages, the headless CMS will protect you from harmful assaults.

5. There are no overhead charges

Maintenance expenses for your Gatsby-powered site will be minimal because of the headless CMS. You won’t have to worry about database clusters or global infrastructure scalability. As a cloud-based content management system, the headless CMS manages all of this.

Get Kontent by Kentico headless CMS

Kontent by Kentico will provide the market’s best CMS solution. You will expect simplicity of use, omnichannel abilities, cheaper costs, greater security, and faster response.

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