After Trump Visit, US Lawmakers Demanded to Remove the US Troops from Syria

US President Donald Trump visited Iraq. It was a complete surprise trip. He wanted to stop criticism, and for this reason, he joined and visited the troops in a combat zone. Besides this, the incident enraged the politicians of Iraq on Thursday and they urged to withdraw the US forces.

Consequences of This Visit: 

After the meeting of Tramp’s, US servicemen and women, which was held at the al-Asad Airbase, they were criticized for their arrogant nature and claimed to violate the national sovereignty. Mr. Tramp always keeps his trips in secrecy and he also maintains the security measures strictly regarding his trips. When he left Iraq after the completion of the meeting, hardly people knew about his arrival. The US President wants to quash the Islamic State Forces, and told the US soldiers on the ground for the duration of three hours. He has secured and stuck to his decision. Trump does not want to withdraw his troops from the region of Syria. After the invasion in the year of 2003, the lawmakers in Baghdad were left by his sudden visit. During this visit, he was involved to draw the unfavorable comparisons about the occupation of Iraq. The head of the blocs on Iraq Parliament countered his quotes. He has strongly said that Iraq is not dependent on America for the occupation matter now. So he protested against Trump’s opinion.

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Trump spoke over the phone with Iraq’s Prime Minister Mr. Adel Abdul Mahdi only. He did not interact with any officials related to Iraq. They discussed their different points of view. According to the members from Prime Minister office, the two leaders wanted to get rid of from this situation. This visit was the result of fluky outcome for American Policy. The officials who belonged from both the side wanted to arrange a vote to remove the forces from Iraq. Trump refused to withdraw the troops from the country and he also suggested to Ain al-Asad that he used to call strike inside Syria. His suggestions did hurt the sentiment of the politicians of Iraq, which badly affected the foreign and domestic policy and increased the chances of regional conflicts.

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