Work on Israel Figa’s Instructions to Quit Smoking for Good

Israel Figa

Israel Figa

Admit it, somewhere in your life you may have reached a point where you wanted to try ‘just one’ cigarette just to see what the smokers feel when they smoke cigarettes. To be honest, no one likes it when they smoke it for the first time. However, soon they find themselves addicted to smoking and can no longer remain limited to simple cigarettes. 

From this point on, the situation starts getting worse and before one realizes it, they are far too deep in the smoke and find themselves crippled by the addiction of smoking. For many years, numerous rehabilitation centers from around the world have been trying their best to bring down the smoke addiction.

One of the most alarming situations is that even kids under the age of 12 are found smoking cigarettes. However, it is the not the matter of kids smoking cigarettes that is alarming but the question that how are kids getting their hands on cigarettes.

Israel Figa’s Fear of Smoke Addiction

Israel Figa is one of the personalities in the medical sector that is concerned about the well-fare of the human beings and wants to do something for the people who are currently fighting with smoke addiction.

Its research on the consequences of smoking has revealed some shocking facts. His research has revealed that around 1,300 people die every day from smoke addiction only in the United States. That makes it 474,500 deaths per year in USA due to smoking.

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If we start measuring the death toll level globally, we will be shocked to see that the number would exceed 10 million deaths per year mark.

Israel Figa’s research has also revealed that more than 87% of the lung cancer cases are subjected to smoking. 

This is the reason why Israel Figa has listed a few tips that we can use in our daily lives to get ourselves free from the smoking addiction.

Replacement Therapy for Nicotine

Israel Figa states that it is completely understandable that the smoking addiction/habit cannot be gotten rid of right away. Therefore, if one wishes to take it one step at a time, then he/she can visit their doctor and ask for an opinion for the replacement of Nicotine as a therapy.

The first options that the doctor may prescribe are the nicotine gum, patches, and lozenges that can be acquired over-the-counter.

The second option could be a prescription for nicotine in the form of an inhaler or a nasal spray.

The third and the last option would be the medicines that help in stopping the smoking addictions. These non-nicotine medicines could be varenicline (Chantix) and bupropion (Zyban).

With the help of the nicotine gums, patches or lozenges, one can try and put an end to the smoking cravings that one may have every 10 to 20 minutes. This solution can help a person not feel the need for smoking for a few hours. 

There is one more option in the list of over-the-counter solutions, which are electric-cigarettes. However, more research is required on this solution in regards to its harms and uses when it comes to their usage.

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Keep a Track of Where You Are Most Likely To Smoke

Another very important thing highlighted by Israel Figa is that it might be possible that you would be able to fight off the urges of smoking if you have decided to get rid of the smoking habit. However, you may find yourself being tempted again if you end up at a place where you used to smoke cigarettes. Some people tend to get carried away while smoking when they are at certain gatherings or at parties.

Therefore, it is very important to keep the habit and urges of smoking in mind when visiting such places. If you are afraid that you may end up giving in and start smoking again, then avoid being at such places.

Furthermore, there are people who have the habit of smoking while they are talking on the phone or working on their computers or laptops. Here, the perfect fix is to keep a pencil or a pen in hand just so it can fill in for the cigarettes and help you avoid smoking. Also, one can check Couple rehab to overcome the habit of smoking.

Delay Your Smoking Urges or Occupy Yourself with Unusual Activities

As per Israel Figa, the initial days of when we stop smoking can be the most crucial as well as most difficult to handle. This is where one needs to play it really safe and smartly. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you think that you will not be able to handle your craving for long, you must occupy yourself with stuff that will help you delay in smoking. People prefer buying cannabis online, the addiction of which is diffcult to handle.

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In order to control your craving, visit a place where smoking is prohibited. There you will have no option but to wait until you get to a place where you can smoke. If you are about to smoke, tell yourself that you will do it in the next 10 minutes and until then, find something that again helps in distracting your urge for smoking

Daily Exercising Can Help You Fight You’re War.

From Israel Figa’s personal point of view, one of the most important activities in getting rid of the smoke problem is daily exercise. If you are true to your promise for getting rid of the smoking habit, then you must start exercising right away. It is the best activity that can help you keep yourself distracted.

On top of that, exercising and jogging can help your lungs regain the stamina and capacity they used to have before you caught yourself in the smoking addiction.

Furthermore, exercise can also help strengthen your brain and will power that would help you fight off the smoking more effectively.

Do Not Leave it for Tomorrow

Israel Figa states that there are many people around the world who think of starting their fight against smoking addiction but promise themselves that they would do it from tomorrow. Unfortunately, that day never comes and people keep on smoking and pushing their live into more and more danger.

Therefore, if you are thinking of fighting the addiction, then you better start now and do not put it on tomorrow.

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