Where are Pneumatic Tube Systems Used Today?

Pneumatic Tube Systems


One of the more interesting pieces of technology that has been moved away from the public eye is that of the pneumatic tube system. If you are new to this, the system is essentially a network of tubes that can be used to send items in a container from point A to point B. While the underlying concept remains the same, the pneumatic tube system has certainly made some leaps and bounds in advancement, allowing it to be used in more industries such as the banking world.

What Exactly are Pneumatic Tube Systems?

Diving deeper, pneumatic tube systems are meant for speed and convenience, allowing users to send items to various locations quickly while maintaining secure transportation. Items are placed in pneumatic tube carriers, before being swooped away to their destination.

In places that handle plenty of smaller items, such as mail or documents usually of a more sensitive nature, the pneumatic tube system is an integral part of the machinery. In fact, it can even be extended beyond just one office itself, expanding to transport items within a city should there be a network to support it.

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How are Pneumatic Tube Systems Used?

Some of the more common places you can find the systems being used are banks, hospitals, and even department stores. As mentioned above, when you are looking to move documents around, such as from the frontdesk to someone in the back, the system is perfect for them. FOr places that depend on self-service, it can also function as a system that brings consumers what they need.

If you are curious if a certain location depends on such pneumatic tube systems, just look out for the telltale signs of tubes that are connected to the ceilings. The recognizable sound of the carrier being whisked away is also a clear indicator.

Examples of Pneumatic tube systems

To give you a better understanding, here are some more examples of how pneumatic tube systems are used in the modern world:

Moving of Cash

When it comes to money, the idea of security is very important. After all, you most certainly do not want to lose your hard-earned income to insecure transportation, both for the organisations handling it and the people who trust them with it. Drive-up banks often utilise the pneumatic tube systems to move cash between users and the tellers. Larger retail stores also often use the system to move money from cashiers to the back where it can be accounted for and secured.

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Sensitive Materials

The security of pneumatic tube systems make them an ideal way of moving important documentation and materials around a particular place.If we are talking about the research and medical world, the less people are in contact with potentially dangerous items, the better. Using pneumatic tube systems means everyone is safer, while the speed and protection the system offers are always plus points.

Hospitals can also be using pneumatic tube systems to move items like fluids and even blood bags effectively to where they are needed the most in an instant. Rather than depend on an employee to ensure the safe handling, transportation, and overall efficiency of the process, pneumatic tube systems can handle the bulk of the work with little to no issues.

Why Use Pneumatic Tube Systems?

Ease of Mind

As the world continues to move at a breakneck pace, there is an increasing need to ensure security when it comes to important items like cash, documents, and other relevant materials.

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Depending on how a particular organization is set up, pneumatic tube systems can be customized and implemented to suit the unique needs. What does not change is how it can move things quickly, safely, and without a fuss.


At the end of the day, you are looking for ways to improve productivity around the workplace. Instead of requiring employees to be doing the legwork and not focusing on what they can bring to the table, companies can depend on pneumatic tube systems instead.

Overall, you are looking at saving time, money, and allowing your employees to be doing their actual job. No more needless errands and wasting time, the pneumatic tube systems can take care of that.

While it may have started as a more traditional way of moving things, pneumatic tube systems in the modern world have more uses than ever before. It has become a cost-saving yet effective method of transportation, cutting down on time and effort needed to move things securely. Their continued use is testament of their usefulness, and this will likely continue for the foreseeable future.

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