IAY (Indira Awas Yojna): Know More about the Scheme


Under the social and welfare committee of the Government of India, IAY (Indira Awas Yojna) is a scheme that focuses on housing facilities for all its citizens by the end of 2022. Earlier known as the Pradhan Mantri Gramin Awaas Yojana, this scheme helps to build houses and ensure housing for all, especially rural people. Launched in the year 1985 by the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, this scheme promises to build homes for effective rural development. This is one of the most premier flagship projects that stress the need for ‘’shelter for all’’.

IAY: Who are all qualified under this scheme?

The IAY (Indira Awas Yojna) takes care of individuals who lack basic need. A house is a birthright for all individuals and this scheme is responsible for building solid houses. Farmers, laborers, and workers whose yearly income is below 30000 to 50000 rupees can register for this scheme. Even daily bread earners can apply for this Yojana as well.

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IAY: A small overview of this scheme:

This Yojna happens to provide the best compensation in terms of building houses. Some of the better-known aspects are listed below:

  • Individuals qualifying for this scheme are eligible to receive Rupees 1,20,000 (around 1700 dollars) for constructing the homes. This amount slightly varies based on the terrain of construction, like high altitudes, mountainous regions, plain lands, etc.
  • Each house comes with all the basic facilities like gas connection, electricity, water connection, etc.
  • The house can be applied for jointly if there is a family involved. Single individuals who meet all the necessary criteria can also apply for the same.
  • Extra financial assistance, if required, is also provided to the individual. To receive the amount, the proper reason must be listed for the same for transferring the amount smoothly to the individual’s account.
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The construction of the house is a responsibility of the individual itself. It isn’t a part of the contractor’s duty. Therefore, all kinds of financial aids are handed over to the people by the Government alone. In fact, subsidies are also a part of this scheme and it is in operation since the year 1985.

IAY: The main purpose of the Yojna

Under the Welfare Ministry of the Government of India, the IAY (Indira Awas Yojna) aims to attain the purpose of building homes for all. The poor living the Rural districts of India lack the common necessities of life. They do not make enough money to make ends meet. Also, the condition of living is poor as well. While some still have a temporary home to stay in, others are not even exposed to this and live on the streets.

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To attain and secure this objective, this yojna focuses and promises to build a home for all. The assistance is extended to the weak people of the society so that they too can lead a normal and happy life. Every individual at least deserves a home to stay in and this yojna makes all your dreams come true. It also aims to rebuild all temporary and thatched houses to proper concrete homes with the basic facilities.

IAY: The implementation of the scheme

As per the output of IAY (Indira Awas Yojna), more than 1.4 billion rupees have been allocated and distributed to poor individuals over 25 years to build solid homes. In addition to that, the Government seeks to expand the budget to build a better future for the people of India.

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