What is Chainlink Crypto?

Chainlink Crypto

There are hundreds of crypto assets in the market, and a beginner investor faces difficulties when trying to pick good crypto to buy. How do you pick a good digital asset that will benefit you in the future? What factors to consider? Let’s discuss these questions in this article and briefly review the Chainlink LINK crypto.

How to Pick a Crypto Asset?

Here are some factors to consider when picking a project for investment:

  • What is the essence and usefulness of the project? Is there any particular technology bringing benefits to the industry?
  • Who are the project’s developers, and what are their past achievements?
  • What is the price, market cap, and trade volume of the asset? Is there a demand for it?
  • How does the crypto chart looks like? How did the asset’s price react to different market fluctuations?
  • Who are the project’s backers, supporters, and partners?
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One of the most important things is the technology underlying a crypto asset. Such coins as BTC, SOL, ADA, and many others have rich technological content, which provides their increased popularity and application worldwide. Less popular yet technologically rich crypto is Chainlink coin.

Does Chain Link Investing Worth it?

Chainlink is a blockchain bridging real-sector companies with cryptocurrencies through a decentralised platform. Due to Chainlink, real-life firms can connect their business with such popular blockchains as Solana, Ethereum, etc., through contracts. The Chainlink platform securely stores the information and provides automated smart contracts to real-sector firms.

As of October 2022, the LINK token price is $6.88. Analysts estimate that the token price will rise to $101 in 2028. Now, as the crypto market is declining, maybe it is an excellent time to buy chainlink crypto and hold in in the long-term. However, to make the right decision, you should analyse the project’s prospects on your own and assess risks connected with investments. 

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You can buy LINK on the WhiteBIT crypto platform for long-term holding or daily trading. The exchange offers up-to-date crypto prices, charts, and many different tools for efficient investment and trading.

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