Clover Point of Sale Redefined – Clover 2

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Clover is an emergent leader in point of sale technology. Since 2012, the company has redefined the purpose of POS systems to include customer management and operational data solutions. The new Clover POS hardware and software enable businesses to build customized systems for processing major payment methods, engaging customers and keeping transaction records. Discover how the latest Clover hardware and software can facilitate the flow of any enterprise.

Redesigned Interfaces

The original Clover hardware was an early version of the full-size countertop Station. Over the last eight years, the company has released three designs at price points suited for almost any business budget.

Small businesses and quick-service establishments should be able to handle payment processing with a Go or Flex POS system. The Clover Go is priced under $60 and requires a mobile smart device to function. This accessory can accept cards with chips or magstrips as well as contactless payment methods. The self-sufficient, handheld Flex system costs significantly more.

Full-service restaurants and larger retailers may want to consider the tablet-based Mini or the updated full-size Clover Station. All Clover 2 systems comply with EMVCo security standards and have PCI PTS 4.0 compliant on-screen PIN pad functionality.

Competitive Rates                                                

Clover POS systems come ready to process many payment methods. These omni channel devices can handle card-present transactions involving chips or magstripes in addition to card-not-present or key-in transactions and NFC payments.

Clover and First Data Corporation credit card processing services have affordable monthly service rates and reasonable transaction fees. The Register Lite plan costs less per month and has a slightly higher in-person transaction fee, whereas the full Register plan costs twice as much and has a slightly lower fee.

Updated Software

The newest Clover software goes beyond enabling businesses to process transactions with added functionality for managing inventory, scheduling and records. Depending on the service plan, Clover POS systems can also handle added promos and rewards.

Register Lite software allows a business to accept all forms of payment and includes employee permissions, sales reports, and offline processing. The full Register service includes additional customer feedback and inventory management features as well as the ability to add gratuities to checks.

Quick-service restaurants may be able to depend on a basic Clover system to accept and process payments and maintain secure transaction records. Full-service establishments are likely to benefit from the customer and operational management features available in the Register tier of software as well as the table mapping and wait staff management features in Clover Dining.

Added Functionality

No matter the business or industry, Clover POS hardware, software and compatible third-party applications are a budget-friendly replacement for costly payment processing, business management and customer engagement services or software suites. Clover also makes it simple to export complete financial records for accounting, payroll and tax purposes.

Clover maintains a leading position in the POS market by working with business owners. It is possible to customize the functionality of this hardware and cloud-based software. Clover POS systems are affordable, reliable, well-designed and suitable for most businesses in the retail, restaurant or service sectors.

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