3 Things You Should Do to Get the Most Out of Job Portals and Jobs App for Recruitment

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On employment portals and job apps, you can advertise jobs and look for prospective candidates. They are a critical element of basically any recruitment stage, and if you utilize them appropriately, you may find qualified candidates without spending a lot of money or time.

Through job seeking portals and apps, job searchers can directly approach a diverse variety of available positions. Furthermore, the majority of employment portals and apps feature filters that let candidates refine job vacancies as per their preferences.

In the same way, applications and websites for online job search can speed up the internal recruitment process for businesses. For instance, instead of manually scanning paper-based resumes, hiring managers or recruiters could simply validate job applications on the job search app or the portal

Needless to say, job portals and online job apps with their numerous features help conserve valuable resources such as time, capital, and human effort. But how do you, as the recruiter, leverage job portals and job apps to improve hiring metrics for your organisation?

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Here are 3 tips that can help you get the most out of your job portal or jobs app.

Tip #1 First Thing’s First, Only Hire on a Few Genuine Job Portals or Job Apps

Budgets for hiring are carefully planned. Businesses usually have only a certain amount to spend therefore resources must be spent wisely.

Find employment boards and apps that provide qualified and genuine candidates. You might concentrate on specific industry- or business-specific job boards. For instance, for delivery boy jobs, job boards like Rocket can provide the personnel from their own talent pool or set-up walk-in drives for delivery jobs.

Likewise, you might aim for well-established job sites and apps, which draw a lot of eligible candidates. You might also advertise jobs on regional job sites, such as those that can help you find applicants close to your company.

To shortlist job boards and job apps, you must try out everything to see which ones are most appropriate for your business.

Tip #2 Don’t Miss Out on Employer Branding

On some job boards and job apps, you may have the chance to set up a custom company page. This simplifies the process for you to communicate the culture and background of your organisation and reassure applicants that your job postings are worthwhile.

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When creating your company page or profile, include a quick summary of your business that explains how it made its debut, its mission, and the direction it’s moving. Applicants can also gain from knowing more about your other business subsidiaries or objectives.

In order to give potential employees a better perception of your company and help them image themselves working there, you should attach videos and pictures. Take photographs of your business premises and include pictures showcasing your work culture.

You may also incorporate staff interviews or anecdotes. But be careful to keep your employee endorsements relevant and centered around the advantages of working at the company. Encourage your team to elucidate what they like most about their jobs and the company, and share it on the company page.

Once you’ve created an eye-catching corporate business page, remember to keep it up to date. To promote a discourse and foster a sense of belonging around your identity, keep the company page fresh whenever you can, respond to feedback and inquiries made by staff members or job applicants.

Tip #3 Power Up Hiring with an Integrated HR Software

If you utilise a job board without an integrated recruitment software, you may need to rely on spreadsheets and email to keep a record of any and all job advertisements and applicant inquiries. 

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And if you didn’t know already, emails and spreadsheets require a significant amount of manual record keeping. What’s more, organising them can quickly become challenging.

However, with HR software, such as a Human Resource Management System (HRMS), you can:

  • Maintain a central repository for job applications and applicants
  • With just one click, post jobs to a variety of free job boards and job apps
  • Build a customized careers page that is mobile-friendly for all employment opportunities at your company
  • Promote employee referrals by granting them access to a system that enables them to look up and highlight candidates
  • Post job openings on high-end job boards and apps to boost the visibility of your job ads and attract more quality personnel


Due to its simplicity, cutting-edge technology, as well as the reality that numerous job applicants begin their job search on job portals and apps, recruiting platforms like Rocket are replacing HR recruiters and career pages as preferred hiring avenues.

Job boards expedite the hiring process and offer you the assurance that you’re always receiving top talent while saving precious time and money.

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