Solid Wood Armchair or Sofa, Which One To Choose?

Wood Armchair

There are many furnishing options for a living room, and two of the common options are armchairs and sofas. They are both available in different colours and options, like a solid oak armchair, but which one is better for your home?

Armchair vs. Sofa

When choosing between a solid wood armchair and a sofa, you want to weigh the differences between the two and the advantages each offer.


An armchair is defined as a chair that contains supports for arms. Armchairs are available in various styles and designs, and they are often manufactured from different materials.

A sofa is defined as a seat that is upholstered with a raised back and ends that are raised. Sofas are typically much larger than armchairs.

Advantages of a Sofa

There are some advantages a sofa offers that an armchair cannot.


Sofas are incredibly comfortable to sit upon. The cushions are soft and adjust to you, bouncing back to their original form once you have moved, and they are the perfect place to sit when having friends over or simply watching TV after a long day.

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Seating is a big advantage that sofas offer. For homes that have big families or frequently have guests over, seating can be an issue. More often than not, there are not enough chairs available. Sofas are perfect because they are long, and have enough space for multiple people to fit, unlike armchairs, which can only seat one person. There are also sectionals, which are sofas with two long sections in the shape of an L that are connected at the base. The two sections can either be used together or used separately in homes where floor space is an issue. 


Sofas are very easy to maintain. Accidents and spills happen, but most sofa cushions can be unzipped from around the foam and simply thrown into the wash. Some sofas also have wood elements to them, often along the arms, and these are maintained with a simple wipe-down. Because sofas and their cushions are so easy to take care of, they look fresher for longer, and the less time you spend maintaining them means more time you can dedicate to what’s important.

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Advantages of an Armchair

Alternatively, there are also many advantages to owning an armchair.


One of the benefits of armchairs is the back support they offer. Sofas tend to have firm backs that slant slightly, which offer less lumbar support than the straight backs of armchairs. The structure of armchairs can also help improve posture and blood circulation.


Armchairs are great for curling up at the end of the day. They are meant for single-seaters, so you don’t have to share the space with anyone else, and you can cozy up with a blanket and a book.


Armchairs are smaller furnishings, and their size often comes in handy when you’re short on space. Because they are so small and compact, sleek armchairs can be placed even in the smallest of spaces; some options even fit perfectly in the corner. Adding armchairs to a room is a great way to add extra seating without taking up too much floor space.

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For many, armchairs are the more affordable option. They cost much less than a sofa, which tends to be more expensive. So, multiple armchairs can be purchased and still be more affordable than a sofa.

So, which is the better option, an armchair or a sofa? The truth is, either option works differently for various homes, and while one home may need a sofa for the seating space, someone who lives in an apartment might only have enough space for an armchair. Neither option is better than the other; they just offer advantages that benefit people differently.

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