Skill That a Blockchain Developer Must Have

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain technology when it came into the digital world was limited to cryptocurrencies. The first such usage of this technology in cryptocurrency is attributed to Bitcoin which is the first cryptocurrency to bring revolution in the ways the traditional monetary system worked. This technology has provided phenomenal growth in this digital market by assuring certain safeguards for which a person or an institution would otherwise rely on a third party to execute it for them.

Blockchain is just not restricted to cryptocurrencies but its usage has been seen in diverse fields. As per records, its usage has been seen in the medical field to keep transparency and availability of the medical records for the public. Secondly, one more popular application of this technology has been seen in elections to keep voting fully transparent and to have fair results without any scams. All this was possible because of the security and versatility that caught the eyes of the popular businesses and other sectors using it for everyday purposes. As it is gaining wide popularity people around the world are trying their luck to become a blockchain developers. This topic is going to tell you in brief and lucid ways of becoming a blockchain developer.

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Any person who strives to make developments in blockchain technology is certainly called a blockchain developer. A blockchain developer works in different fields, be it to have intermingled skills in different areas or working specifically for a crypto coin like Ethereum, Monero, or Bitcoin.

A blockchain developer includes two types of developer in its ambit:

  • Blockchain Software Developer
  • Core Blockchain Developer

In the case of a software developer, the application relies on either protocol or architecture of a related blockchain. They also create DApps and a software developer can be distinguished from that of a web developer. In the case of a core blockchain developer, they specifically work for architectural development in a blockchain system. The consensus protocol is one main point of focus for a web developer. They basically make the important decision and do network supervision that is mandatory for blockchain. In core blockchain, a developer focuses on the security part of the network.

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  • Smart contracts

Smart contracts are another famous phenomenon that is being widely accepted in the blockchain industry. They are popular because when there is a smart contract, you can deal with the parties directly without any mediator to facilitate it for you. These contracts are self-executory when a contract is complete. If you’re new to investing, find out more about BTCBoom         

  • Blockchain architecture

To be a blockchain developer one must know the blockchain architecture. They are of three types, public, private and consortium architecture.

  • Cryptography

Cryptography is one such important aspect that any online platform enables. This phenomenon provides the security feature to your blockchain by enabling the usage of two types of keys.

  • Web development
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For future apps that will be using blockchain technology, a striving developer must know about the development that is related to the web. By having more knowledge about web development, you will gain precise blockchain aspects.

  • Data structure

The data structure is another important factor that a developer must be familiar with. It is necessary for a developer because it is needed to build them on a network and execute them. If you want to learn about the basics of a blockchain then you need to have detailed knowledge about data structure.


The articles talk about why a developer is needed for blockchain technology and what skills a developer must have to become one. I hope as a budding developer it would have enhanced your knowledge for your future.

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