PET Bottles and Cleaning Products – Is This a Good Solution?

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The production of cleaning products, soaps or shampoos is a multi-stage process. One of the most important works is the selection and preparation of aesthetic, durable packaging. For companies operating in various industries, it is important that the manufacture of these packages does not generate high costs, runs smoothly and, of course, without loss of quality. Find out more information below. Have a nice read!

Bottles for Cleaning Products 

Cleaning products bottles should be resistant to chemicals as well as to mechanical damage. It is also important that they are lightweight and aesthetically pleasing.  PET bottles fit perfectly for this purpose. 

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PET is an abrasion-resistant plastic that is also resistant to weak acids, fats and oils. It is also worth mentioning that PET is effortless to process, the bottles can have different shapes and colours. Manufacturers are therefore free to choose the volume, and can produce round, square, asymmetrical bottles, with or without a trigger spray, in any colour.

PET Bottle Production

PET bottle production is a multi-stage process. How does it work? We can distinguish several stages. 

  1. Special machines called blow moulding machines or simply bottling machines are used in production. Preforms are prepared first (This usually takes places in factories specialising in the manufacture of preforms). 
  2. The next stage involves transporting the preform to the thermal plasticisation system. The bottles are then heated to the temperature of 80ºC.
  3. The next stage is blow moulding – using compressed air to give the bottle its final shape. The final shape is solidified by cooling. 
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SMF – a modern solution for companies in the packaging industry 

SMF offers solutions for small, medium and large companies operating in the packaging industry (check here). A team of specialists has been designing and building machines for the production of PET bottles – for detergents, edible oil, soft drinks and alcohol – for over 30 years. 

The machines are distinguished by their compact dimensions, robust construction and high quality components.  What is more, many state-of-the-art solutions have been incorporated into their design, making the operation of the machines intuitive and reducing production costs. 

Among the machines capable of producing PET bottles for detergents, we can mention models such as: Optima 4, HS 3000, Optima 2. 

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Place your trust in the modern production of PET packaging. Place your trust in SMF! 

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